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MARCH 27 Wed

LIFE IS A CABARET The legacy of Germany's Weimar Republic has certainly lasted longer than did the ill-fated government itself -- and no wonder, considering the deluge of avant-garde artistry that graced the brief period between the kaiser and Hitler. Relive it all tonight at Bimbo's when the Goethe-Institut presents 'HANUSSEN: THE TRUE STORY OF HITLER'S JEWISH CLAIRVOYANT,' a "Weimar cabaret extravaganza." Staged like a '20s Berlin club revue, it uses comic sketches, music, film, dance, mysticism, and magic acts to chronicle Hanussen's rise from a carny hypnotist to Nazi Germany's premier clairvoyant. The show stars Wagnerian songstress Nina Hagen, the original Hanussen's orphaned son (also named Hanussen and also a clairvoyant), a host of local actors, and musical accompaniment by the Club Foot Orchestra. Whew! History class was never like this.

Through April 1. 8 and 10:30 p.m. (Wed/27, 8 p.m. only), Bimbo's 365 Club, 1025 Columbus, S.F. $25. (415) 474-0365. (Chonin)