The Philip K. Dick Society (PKDS) NEWSLETTER #26, APRIL 1991 copyright 221w

PKD at DNA. PK Dick night at the DNA Lounge (12/13/90), San Francisco) was a multimedia affair. Instigated by the unveiling of a seven panel, full color mural depicting scenes from Dick's life and work, the evening included performances by musicians, a public reading of one of Dick's stories, performance art and audio collage that included tapes of Dick speaking, and a showing of the entirety of Blade Runner.

The first musical act was Sackiko, a singer-songwriter who knew Dick;

the second was Caroliner Rainbow, a group whose exceedingly bizarre performances are inspired in part by Dick. Caroliner is a seven or eight piece 'orchestra' that plays ill-tuned instruments and dresses in oversize day-glo costumes that conceal surprises within trapdoors. The dj for the evening was Mark McCloud, who may be familiar to readers of Research #11: Pranks. Wandering through the chaos were various independent performance artists dressed in odd costumes.

The evening was plagued with technical and scheduling difficulties, finally resulting in Caroliner Rainbow's being forced off the stage halfway through their show. The experience was akin to attending a party where everyone is tripping on JJ-180.

The strongest lasting impression, ultimately, was made by the gorgeous murals, by Scott Williams and Rigo.

-report by Jonathan Lethem