Wiring Dept. 1985 "San Francisco Underground 85" copyright 324w

Caroliner Rainbow Trux Sound of Music

In Sept. '84 we played our best show so far with Door Mat Clitoris, Pimplepreppies and Tragic Mulatto headlining. D.M.C. opened with a cover of Germ's Ritchie Dagger's Crime with a kid in a barrel with plating all over him for percussion that would swirl around and make a huge noise of marbles bouncing down metal stairs. The singer had a body seemingly made of tires (head to toe) and during the synth and guitar solos he'd roll around the club knocking things over. The last song was real slow with sparse guitar and the girl playing lit off stink bombs and threw them out to the people in the back of the club till the song/show ended. People cheered and barfed.

We played next and started everything off by telling about how and why Berbucks came up from South America in the 1850s. We had borrowed 3 blacklights other than our own, and even though only two worked the visuals were intense. Bill mounted a fluorescent railroad with crutches where his stomach was and Tisco played slide guitar with his cat tail (it was varnished). Our set ended with a heavy feedback version of "Pryee Outhouse" and we all leaned our instruments against our cabinets and did water ballet all over the stage front till it was clean. A lot of booing.

Pimplepreppies lied saying they were from LA and were shitty pop. I left to check out the dumpsters riddled throughout the Tenderloin.

When I got back Tragic Mulatto was already playing so I rushed up front to see what kind of appendage they had strapped to their midsections. This time they looked like they had elephant trunks or something on that dripped pee. They did "Jungle Boogie" and some drunk lady slammed with the club's p.a. system.

Typed by Cheryl Vega 6-26-95