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CRAWLING WITH TARTS Attempted Complete Discography 4.28.94


With Crawling With Tarts

[in production] Sarajevo Center Metal Doors CD, ASP (Oakland CA), 1994 or 1995

[in production] Grand Surface Noise Opera Nrs. 3 (Indian Ocean Ship) and 4 (Drum Totem) CD, Realization Recordings (Ventura CA), 1994

[in production] Madeleine CD, Silent (San Francisco CA), 1994

[in production] Trecher Track on Turntable Solos CD, Trigram (Tokyo Japan), 1994

[in production] Small Quiet Music for Tabletops (e) on No Machine is Silent cassette, Realization (Ventura CA), 1994

[in production] End Loop Haiku, Drum Haiku, and Haiku_ on Haikus CD, Softwatch (Warwickshire England), 1994

[in production] The Smocking on Auricular CD, Auricular (San Francisco CA), 1994

Mayten's Throw CD, ASP (Oakland CA), April 18, 1994

various text-based works on Orchard 7 telephone message tape, Orchard (Santa Cruz CA) March 20, 1994

Noche Gato III on Town & Country #1 2x7", Sedimental (Austin TX), March 1994

The Dream of the Fallen Soldier on America The Beautiful CD, RRR (Lowell MA), February 1994

Moniliform Thread of Miribilis Jalapa on Accidents Have No Holidays cassette, Povertech (Sacramento CA), February 1994

Motors V3i on (Y)EARBOOK Volume 3 CD, Rastascan (San Leandro CA), April 1993

Operas LP, ASP (Oakland CA), April 12, 1993

1 snak, 2 rider cassette, IRRE-TAPES (Kindsbach, Germany), January 17, 1993

New Caldonia cassette, SPH (Oeiras, Portugal), July 2, 1992

LSR8-11E6(5) on The Avant World Jazz Noise Project cassette, Pointless Music (Kent OH), 1992

Piano Motor #5 on Wakened by Silence cassette, Charnel House (San Francisco CA ), November 1991

Radio 45 7", ASP, September 29, 1991

The Best of La Petite Mauvaise Chose Volume 1 cassette, ASP, September 1991

813 (ASP Films 1989-1991) videocassette, ASP, May 1991

LSR8-11E6(3) on A Pointless Compilation cassette, Pointless Music, 1991

AA REDBOX PAHOEHOE cassette, ASP, early 1991

Deathranch / Crawling With Tarts cassette, ASP, early 1991

Marches Between Trains (Section IV) on Trains cassette, Exile (Lapel IN), October 28, 1990

LSR8-11E6(7) and LSR8-11E6(3) on Complication Compilation cassette, Suitcase Recordings (Knoxville TN), 1990

7.6.90(i)viii and 7.6.90(i)ix on Mighty Risen Plea LP, Sacred Frame (Tucker GA), 1990

Greed Tool Hand on Survive Behind Bars cassette, Eli Talgam (Jerusalem, Israel), 1990

Greed Tool Hand in the Lee of Icebergs cassette, ASP, March 17, 1990

(various music and interview) CWT on No Pigeonholes two cassettes, Loose Caboose (San Jose CA), August 6, 1989

Mayday and Taking Soot Off the Blinds on Use Once and Destroy cassette, Bangaway (Atlanta GA), July 20, 1989

Candy Tooth Ceylon cassette, ASP, June 14, 1989

The Tudor Tapes cassette, ASP, June 14, 1989

Bringing The Moon In on USA II cassette, Harsh Reality Music (Memphis TN), March 8, 1989

Grandma's Brown Box 9.17.(3) on where it's At '88 cassette, A/a (Jersey City NJ), November 25, 1988

Passing A Dreaded Point on Lowlife 14 Freetape cassette, Lowlife (Atlanta GA), November, 1988

Plowing + Tilling on Tellus #20: Media Myth cassette, Tellus (New York NY), October 20, 1988

Broom cassette, ASP, August 28, 1988

Bled es Siba two cassettes, A/a, ca. August 15, 1988

Yeux Shift Your Eyes on Disco Totem Volume 1 cassette, R.R. Products (Grenoble, France), 1988

Boots cassette, Sound Of Pig (Brooklyn NY), June 10, 1988

The Thicket on Zamisdat Trade Journal Volume 6 cassette, Zamico (Boulder CO), February 15, 1988

Squeeky Play Parts 1 and 2 on Tryst Volume 3 cassette, Ralph Records (San Francisco CA), 1988

Angry King on Insane Music for Insane People Vol. 17 cassette, Insane Music Collective (Trazegnies, Belgium), February 10, 1988

12.16.86 and Return To 16 on The Noise Collective cassette, Man's Hate (Cambridgeshire, England), 1987

Crawling With Tarts at the Pagan Ranch video directed by John Martin with CWT and Kim Cascone, 1987

Haselrüte cassette, ASP, ca. July 15 1987

Loneliness cassette, Calypso Now! (Biel, Switzerland), June 1987

Donky King (Venga) on Northern California is a Noisy Place Indeed cassette, Sound of Pig, June 4, 1987

Voccianna cassette, ASP, December 26, 1986

To Sir With Love on The New Originals cassette, Materials + Processes (Toronto, Canada), 1986?

Crawling With Tarts (L100X) cassette, Bloedvlag (Zaandam, Holland), September 1986

Fłte Galante on Tim Ski Project cassette, Tim Ski (Parma OH), 1986

Steam Bug Dance on Carnival cassette, Sound of Pig, 1986

SMAK on International Sound Compilation 10 cassette, Man's Hate, July 25, 1986

rlinkuish cassette, Sound Of Pig, March 17, 1986

Crane + Sons and Gentle Wind on Requiem #14 cassette, Requiem (BodÝ, Norway), March 1, 1986

Ithurial's Spear on Opiate of the Underground cassette, Materials + Processes, December 7, 1985

Piano pc, 4 hands arrangement on Wireless Spine Review cassette, Swinging Axe (Northridge CA), July 25, 1985

Loneliness cassette, ASP, May 25, 1985

Tearoom cassette, ASP, November 12, 1984

Teaparty cassette, ASP, August 25, 1984

Bombast from the Hut cassette, ASP, June 25, 1984

Crawling With Tarts (L100X) cassette, ASP, 1984

With -1348- Gemeinschaftgefuehl cassette, DTF (Gaithersburg MD)

14f13 cassette, DTF, April 22, 1988

With Allegory Chapel The Satanic Verses cassette, Nihilistic Recordings (Zaandam, Holland), July 7, 1989 With Big City Orchestra Four Cassettes of the Apocalypse CD, Subelectrick Institute (Nicasio CA), 1991

Oblivion Realized cassette, Minus Habens-Ivan Iusco (Bari, Italia)

Animal Religion cassette, Ralph Records, April 29, 1988

Tunnel cassette, Ubuibi (San Francisco CA), August 2, 1986

With Deathranch This is what you were born for cassette, Skidloy (Santa Cruz CA) September 1985

With If, Bwana The Bwana-All Stars Godfather Revue cassette, Sound of Pig Music, May 1989

With Mario Marzidovsek Crawling With Marzidovsek cassette, MML (Titova, Yugoslavia) ca. 1987

With New Carrollton Lust for Life cassette, DTF

MICHAEL GENDREAU various text-based works on Orchard 7 telephone message tape, Orchard (Santa Cruz CA) March 20, 1994

Orchard 4 (music accompanying readings by George Angel and Tim Fitzmaurice) cassette, Orchard (San Francisco CA), 1993

Rojelio 2i on The Freeway Compilation Tape cassette, IMA (El Cerrito CA), 1992

Parallels on Postal Sound Surgery (with Mike Hovancsek) cassette, Pointless, 1992

C-G P.1 on Wakened By Silence cassette, Charnel House, November 1991

DéTaiment DéVidément videocassette, Institut américain de curiosité comparé (Oakland CA), 1991

With 4tet Eat cassette, ASP, early 1991

With Big City Orchestra Greatest Hits and Test Tones CD, Pogus (Brooklyn NY), 1994

(various included artworks) on Tryst Volume 4 cassette, Ubuibi (San Francisco CA), 1989

With Dreamland God's Fools CD, Caliban (El Cerrito CA), June 1994

Everything in the World cassette, PoodLeash (El Cerrito CA), 1993

With Fred Lonberg-Holm and Eric Bergkvist Trios 7", Curious Music (Coralville IA), 1990

Coming and Going (by Stuart Saunders Smith) cassette, Sonic Art Editions (Baltimore MD), 1989

With Francisco López Azoic Zone CD, Geometrik Records (Spain), July 1993

With RROPE Soundtrack of Battery Davis directed by Scott Thiessen, 8mm film (San Francisco CA) 1994

Soundtrack of OK Nic directed by Scott Thiessen, 8mm film (San Francisco CA) 1993

OK Nic 7", Fear Of Pop Music (San Francisco CA), June 1993

Mercury on No Batch Required videocassette, Meatloaf Clog (San Francisco CA), 1993

With Speed The Parting Guest Live at the Berkeley Store Gallery cassette, ASP, July 1991

___Publications___________________________________________________ __________

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(cover art) Big City Orchestra: Mile After Mile cassette, Sound of Pig Music

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