CNP propaganda excerpted and derived from 1994 proposal letter 301w

From the start we have embedded the politics of the group into the sound of the music. For one performance piece, known as 602T2630WJBT2SIMONE616T2324T2, we set out to create a single sound in which all components were treated as being exactly equal in importance at all times -- reflecting the anarchy of absolute equality layered equally across time. The result was a dense mix without solos or leads.

In another piece, Yjr <ohjyu Eit;oyxrt, the social experiment involves the portioning of the performance time into quarters with each member conceiving/producing an unique section using much original working material created by the group as a whole.

Although Cactus Needle is mostly organized around the making of music, the group also exploits digital image rendering and computer animation software. In a performance we show video tapes (if possible on multiple monitors), and use a simple kind of live acting.

Cactus Needle performances include:

A performance of Yjr <ohjyu Eit;oyxrt at the Alternative Museum in NYC (March 1994)

A performance of Yjr <ohjyu Eit;oyxrt at Wires in Los Angeles (January 1994) * A performance of Yjr <ohjyu Eit;oyxrt at the Lab in San Francisco (October 1993)

Performances of 602T2630WJBT2SIMONE616T2324T2 presented in the Interpretations series at Merkin hall in New York City, at Wesleyan University and at the Pauline Oliveros Foundation's series in upstate NY (February 1993)

* A presentation of 602T2630WJBT2SIMONE616T2324T2 as a work in progress in the Song Lines series at Mills College (November 1992)

* Jack Ruby's Carousel Club II at Artists Television Access (January 1992)

* A three hour "Independence Day Special" broadcast on Barbara Golden's KPFA radio show (July 1991)

* The 16th annual Meadow Festival of Music (Memorial Day 1991)

* The Besler Series at the Besler Building in Emeryville (spring 1991)