CNP propaganda 1994 similar to that included with Frog Peak tape typed by jh may 8 1995 196w

The Cactus Needle Project is Sam Ashley, Ben Azarm, Bob Gonsalves and Jim Horton.

We protest all schemes and plots of anti-democratic conspiracies from the beginnings of the Nazi era to the downing of flight 103 and beyond.

We have modularized and processed a great quantity of narrative source material gathered from declassified documents, court transcripts, news stories, history books, investigative journalism, congressional records, printed interviews, rare pamphlets and unpublished manuscripts. These modules are permutated, combined and selected differently for each performance.

61691T2 and 63091T2WJB are both from the Besler Series played in June 1991. 63091T2WJB includes John Bischoff as a guest performer.

In this series we used a 30 min. video tape as a moving graphic score. Our music setup included a unique feedback-distortion system and multiple computers running semi-autonomous midi-generating algorithms that we monitored and directed by occasional intervention. Most decisions about when and which of the prepared texts were to be played were made during performance.

Down with all CIA-Fascist conspiracies etc.! We demand government in the open cleansing sunshine of compassion and good intentions Now!