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Rarefaction announces Amongst's third cassette-only release, Pull the Plug.

This is Amongst's first material released since 1987 (Tomorrow's Rein). Amongst is an experimental San Francisco project, begun in 1983. The core of Amongst remains the same: Tommy King over the years has plucked strings in Switchblade Symphony, The Nuns, Missile Harmony, Frontier Wives, and The Lawn Vultures to name a few... Jeff Wilkins has also performed in various Bay Area bands such as Darma Front, Wombat Suicide and Orange Curtain.

In the past, live Amongst performances have been rare, but 1994 promises to bring a new series. Adam Aaronson has been assisting with drums and percussion duties. Adam has been playing drums with Thrill Kill Kult for the past two years and also resides in San Francisco.

Amongst: * Jeff Wilkens: loops n reels, synths * Tommy King: synths, tapes, and everything else * Adam (Otto) Aaronson: drums, percussion Cassette copies are available through RAREFACTION for: * U.S.A.-six bucks * Everywhere else-eight bucks

Rarefaction:P.O. Box 170023, San Francisco, Ca. 94117

The cover of Pull the Plug was drawn by San Francisco tattoo artist, George Campise.