Wiring Dept. 1985 "San Francisco Underground 85" copyright 213w

Amongst Amongst is an experimental project out of the San Francisco Bay Area. The music was originally improvised for live shows. This gave them the freedom to play what they felt... not what they might have rehearsed.

Jeff Wilkens plays guitar, does vocs of some sort, synare, synth, and electronic percussion. Tommy King plays bass, E-bow on both guitar & bass, synth., and more electronic percussion. For recordings they prefer their own "outdated" generic equipment. This gives an unrefined approach to their method and sound.

Take Cover Immediately is the title of their first cassette release. This was taken from a live broadcast on radio station KFJC, several years back. It sounds as if there are six members, instead of three,... the third being, Rick Davies on synths and tapes.

A new release is expected this fall and word has it will be more "accessible". Hearing is believing. Take Cover Immediately is available through Rarefaction Records.

Rarefaction Records... a nocturnal label... into whose projects that would never come out of the closet... without prying.

Up-coming releases include: Amongst URDU Wombat Suicide Mother's Day

Contact Paul Korntheuer at the address below: 408/9730107 RAREFACTION P.O. Box 390331 Mountain View, CA 94039

Typed by Cheryl Vega 6-26-95