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Consternation of Pain cassette Live at Anti-Club, L.A. 1/28/86

This superb documentation of what could only have been an electrifying performance is hopefully going to be released soon. Springing forth from the ashes of 23 Screams, Consternation of Pain create a sound which is both pleasing and disturbing at the same time.

This cassette contains their performance of Karl Heinz Stockhausen's Right Situation before a fairly full audience at the Anti-Club. Unlike others of the recent Avant Garde or Industrial sets, C.O.P. do not intimidate the listener: instead they create music which gradually draws one in.

Their sound at this performance is greatly varied throughout the piece. Beginning slowly and sparsely it gradually becomes more dense as flute, guitar, and other treated instruments drift in and out. At times the sounds are harsh, and wailing or chanting voices appear. Often the music touches on the ominous, and it is hard to believe that only four people are creating it. But only for one brief moment is any previously recorded sound utilized, the rest of the performance comes directly from the four individuals, who work very well with each other.

C.O.P. are fine improvisers, as 23 Screams were. But C.O.P. also show in this performance that they can work well within structure. They have not been around long, and this is a promising beginning for them. Watch for a piece of their's to be out on the next Another Room Compilation cassette.

The best thing about their performance of this 30 minute piece is the great differences of sound texture they achieve. There are some very pleasant interludes of voice and wind instruments, and other powerful moments with a synthesizer.

Towards the end of the piece, a frenzied, demonic voice appears, calling: Suck! Suck! Loudly and fiercely, commanding over and over again. The band assures me that this voice was not from any of them, nor did they hear it during the performance. Whether its appearance on the tape is magical or otherwise is unknown. C.O.P. are definitely a band to watch, and this cassette is one worth owning. --Dave Katz

Typed by Cheryl Vega 6-24-94