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"Brains": a CD of Audiophile Computer Music by Christopher K. Koenigsberg CD total time: 72 minutes, 26 seconds. Explanatory program notes included

1. Back to Nothing (1993) (9:08) CKK, Sgran granular synthesis trajectory scorefiles, RT digital mix.

2. The Rat's Nest (1993) (5:41) + Appropriation of digital garbage, for the little rat that shared the studio with me late at night... + Digital Garbage source: NeXTStep Mach "swapfiles". + CKK, SoundDesigner II editing, RT digital mix.

3. The Free Spirit (1993) (18:24) "I have been too much a free spirit to have cultivated artificial values of love" -- Yun Wang + Voices: Yun Wang (The Book of Ebony Night, and Chinese Song Dynasty poems) + Sound source: 2-second long Basement Artifact pump snippet. + CKK: phase vocoder time stretch, convolution with reverberant room impulse responses, Studer 24-track (Tac Scorpion mixing console).

4. "Brains" (1993) (6:44) My inspiration for the last 18 years of noisemaking... + Sound source: Voice of CKK's Dad (originally recorded in 1975). + CKK, SoundDesigner II editing, Akai S1000 Sample playback, Buchla Thunder controller, 24-track mixdown.

5. LCM for 12 Piano Sample (1993) (10:05) Algorithmic composition, groovy-process windowing. + CKK: algorithmic composition, 12 Opcode Vision sequences, 12 Akai S1000 piano sample voices, direct to digital mix.

6. The October Surprise (1992) (4:26) Completed shortly before the election of Bill Clinton. Alien gibberish. + CKK: HyperUpic graphic sonification, Korg DSS-1 percussion samples, 24-track mixdown.

7. Artifact #2? "ArtMix" (1993) (2:43) + Sound source: 18-second long Basement Artifact pump sound. + CKK, SoundDesigner II digital editing, RT digital mix.

8. Basement Artifact #1 (1992) (6:00) Live structured trio improvisation (human, Thunder, and sampler) recorded direct to DAT. + Sound source: 18-second long Basement Artifact pump sound. + CKK, SoundDesigner II editing, Buchla Thunder controller configurations, Akai S1000 sample playback.

9. Yellow Teeth Dub (1991) (4:37) YellowMan's got yellow skin, but I have yellow teeth. + Dean Rubine: Original 4-bar drum machine pattern, altered after Manfred Clynes' expressive theories. + CKK: Buchla Thunder controller configurations, nasty Yamaha TX81Z presets, dual Yamaha REV7 effects, 8-track, dub mix.

10. All the Same to Me (1993) (4:33) + CKK, Opcode Vision sequences, Akai S1000 sample playback unit, Zeta SMPTE/MIDI synchronizer, real Rickenbacker 4001 fretless electric bass, 6 vocal tracks (Beyer dynamic mike), 24-track, dub mixdown.

#1,2,7 all DDD (completely digital soundfile generation and mixing). #3,4,5,6,8 DAD (digital audio material, but mixed on analog equipment). #9,10 AAD.

Recorded by CKK at Mills College, except #9 recorded by CKK at Carnegie-Mellon University. Mastered at Monsterdisc, Chicago, with engineer Jason Rau. Released by PWOA Productions.

All selections P & C 1994 by Christopher K. Koenigsberg. All rights reserved. Dedicated to the memory of Benjamin Koenigsberg.