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Music is my first love and I have been an active composer and performer in the world of new classical music since the late seventies. I play piano, as well as some more esoteric instruments. I've recently released an acoustic album, and I have also been exploring Virtual Reality applications in music. For those of you with Macintosh computers with MIDI--please try out my Infinite Opera program. There's also a score for a three part canon.

THE INFINITE OPERA: _________________________________________________________________

The Infinite Opera (excerpts) is an old Macintosh program I wrote which generates an endless stream of MIDI notes that can be pleasant to listen to. Try to put a different sound on each of the 16 channels, and plenty of reverb.

Technically, the thing is an antiquated pain in the butt: I've lost the source long ago, so it will probably not live on into the Power PC era; this is its last chance! I'm not really sure it will work reliably in 32 bit `040 mode either. Also, it was written before MIDI manager; it just expects a normal MIDI interface at the modem port. You can make it stop by hitting a key.

It does sound great, though. We used to leave it playing for hours... Let me know if you get it working and have any memorable experiences with it!

To download it, click here or in the picture above! _________________________________________________________________

The Scientific American Canon (pictured above) was, in fact, first published on the cover of Scientific American magazine in 1984 as a part of an illustration of some ideas about an early visual programming language I was working on. It's fun to play. Any three instruments that can reach the notes can be combined. Flute/Clarinet/Violin sounds pretty good. Paul Hillier did a vocal version. I usually let the first voice play all the way through once before letting the others come in. Then I let the voices repeat a few times before stopping.

If you want to record or play this piece in public, please contact Original Artists, at (212) 254 1234 or fax 254 3121.