Computer Music Journal Volume 15, Number 3 Fall 1991 MIT Press, 55 Hayward Street, Cambridge, Mass 02142 copyright 1991 MIT ISSN 0148-9267

MIDI Guitarist Newsletter

The MIDI Guitarist Newsletter, a Digital Arts and Sciences publication edited by Warren Sirota, is an in depth quarterly newsletter for MIDI guitar players and aims at the exchange of information and ideas, the minimization of necessary equipment, the advancement of MIDI guitar composition and performance as an art form in a variety of real-world performance and recording situations, and the encouragement of manufacturers to continually improve MIDI guitar technology. The issue we received included a collection of readers' letters, product reviews, reader surveys, and tutorials. Annual subscriptions cost US$26.00 in the USA; for more information contact Digital Arts and Sciences, P.O. Box 21354, Oakland, California 94620, USA, telephone (415) 652-2867.

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