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From markg@tfs.COM Wed Apr 21 14:43:53 1993 From: markg@tfs.COM (mark garrabrant) To:,,,,, Subject: crybaby spec for rova Cc: cbmus Status: R

In `Crybaby' a sound source (usually samples or CDs) is passed through a chain of signal processors, one processor per Hubster. Hubsters are asked to use a processor patch that closely resembles the sweep of a low-frequency-oscillator controlled filter. At each `processing station' MIDI noteon messages are received from another player and used as determinants of the amplitude and speed of the sweep. These parameters are then modified by the player and passed on to the next Hubster. The data passing within the Hub is `seeded' by a pitch follower connected to whatever sound source is used.

For the RovaHub version of `Crybaby' I'd like to use the Rova as the sound source for processing and as the seed for the data passed around within the Hub. One of the germinal ideas of the piece was to limit all musical motion to `waves', i.e, you couldn't get to point C from point A without going through B first. So in that spirit... I'd like the Rova to improvise applying the notion of the `wave' to pitch, volume, and timbre: scales, roving up and down the overtone series, long tones with crescendo-decrescendo, etc. A general timeline for the piece might look like this -

long tones (< >) -> trills and scales -> overtones -> long tones (< >)

for a duration of like 7-8 minutes. It would be nice to have the quartet center around one pitch at the beginning of the piece and diverge over time. Get back to Scot or Chris if you have questions, or call me at home, 527-9136, or email