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------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Title: Computer Music Association source book : activities and resources in computer music / compiled and edited by Craig R. Harris and Stephen T. Pope. Publisher: [San Francisco, CA, USA] (P.O. Box 1634, San Francisco 94101-1634) : The Association, c1987. Subjects: Computer Music Association--Directories. Computer music--Directories. Computer music--History and criticism--Bibliography. ------------------------------------------------------------------ --------

Title: Computers and musical style / David Cope. Thread 1 of 6 (page 41): Computer Music bibliography

Publisher: Madison, Wis. : A-R Editions, c1991. Series: The Computer music and digital audio series ; v. 6 Subjects: Computer composition. ISBN: 0-89579-256-7 (hardcover)

The book includes (LISP) source code to significant parts of his EMI system (Experiments in Musical Intelligence). For the non-technical reader there is a brief introduction to LISP programming. There are numerous examples of programs applied to examples from musical literature, (Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Stravinsky and many others). The program produces an analysis of the regularities in two or more pieces of the same style and uses these as "signiatures" to generate a new piece in that style. Cope's methodology is derived from a mixture of classical AI (or rule based) models and linguistic grammars (Augmented Transition Network).

The results are interesting and can be remarkable. But I have to add that there are significant problems with the methods. The system seems good at capturing very local phenomena, (such as cadence formulae), but is ill-conditioned for capturing more global aspects of musical structure (such as melodic coherence, harmonic interest, &c). These problems have been acknowledged by the author but I think they are unsolvable in the current working paradigm.

Michael Casey ------------------------------------------------------------------ --------

Title: New music composition / David Cope. Publisher: New York : Schirmer Books, c1977. Subjects: Composition (Music) ISBN: 0-02-870630-7 ------------------------------------------------------------------ --------

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********* Thread 1 of 6 (page 97): Computer Music bibliography (excerpts jan 31 95) !!!!!!!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- The July 1991 issue of _Computer_, (Vol 24, #7, ISSN 0018-9162), published by the IEEE Computer Society, has the title "Computer Generated Music", and a whole bunch of neat articles.

_Recombinant Music: Using the Computer to Explore Musical Style_ David Cope

A Computer program that creates new but stylistically recognizable music from existing works offers insights into the elusive phenomenon of musical style.