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idealord schrieb am 21.04.95 um 13:07:

In fact, the guys that invented the MusicKit at CCRMA made another nice application called Synthbuilder (ex Grasp). It's a graphical programming tool for realtime soundprocessing, running on the native NeXT Machine's 56K and on Intels running NSI (you need a 56K Board for Intels though, but a cheap TurtleBeach Tahiti will do).

Believe a kraut or not - it's the smartest piece of dsp software I've ever seen. The ISPW [IRCAM'smachine] is better in many respects, but it doesn't carry over that feeling of a highly optimized piece of software.

The ISPW takes some weight off you, since it really has A LOT of performance for the usual things, and it uses floating-point, so you don't have to bother about level, roundoffs, etc.

Synthbuilder uses integer samples and has substantially less performance - but still, it's a very very nice piece of software, and the user interface is much better than the ISPW's.