from Artifact web pages put up by Tim Perkis, Rotodoti's Tarzan Speaks cd art 1006 1991 downloaded may 14 1995 278w


ART 1006

Rotodoti is: Doug Carroll (cello); Ron Heglin (trombone, voice); Tom Nunn (electroacoustic percussion); Tim Perkis (electronics).

Rotodoti is an ensemble dedicated to improvised music. We're interested in creating an atmosphere of heightened attention where unplanned things can arise, gestures become the seeds for new forms and mistakes become opportunities. We never know exactly what is going to happen-- none of these pieces have a score or prearranged theme. But in playing together in this way for years, we've come to know certain areas well, and still stumble unexpectedly upon new ones, as our lives change. The process is full of uncertainty, but there are moments when the results are worth hearing again. The selections on the disc are all from live performances recorded in 1990.


Bambi's Dilemma (12:12) Live performance at Het Apollohuis, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Lava Bird (6:01)

Gravity Ruins (4:00) Live performance at New Langton Arts, San Francisco.

Tarzan Speaks (5:45)

Slicker on the Sphinx (2:23) With guest artist Mike Knapp, bass.

Latent (Untitled) (19:36) Live radio performance on KPFA, Berkeley. Produced by Ben Lindgren.

Mastering engineer: Doug Carroll.

Recording Engineers: Phil Perkins (3,4,5); Doug Carroll (2,6); Peter tenLohuis(?JH) (1).

Rotodoti management: Tom Nunn, (415) 282-1562.

A R T 1 0 0 6 D D D

CP 1991 Rotodoti (BMI). All rights reserved.

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