from Artifact web pages put up by Brian Reinbolt, copyright downloaded sept 12 1995 260w

ARTIFACT RECORDINGS is a project of Ubu, Incorporated, an artist-run, non-profit organization supporting experimental and electronic music and performance based in the San Francisco Bay Area. For a print catalog and information on our other activities write: ARTIFACT RECORDINGS, 1374 Francisco Street, Berkeley, CA 94702 U.S.A or email:

Artifact CD Releases

ART 1001 Snakecharmer by Chris Brown Pieces for solo players and responsive electronics.

ART 1002 The Hub Computer Network Music by the world's premier computer network band.

ART 1003 Artificial Horizon by Tim Perkis & John Bischoff Music for new hardware and software instruments.

ART 1004 The Theory of Impossible Melody by Larry Polansky Compositions for computer, voice and instruments.

ART 1005 It's Not That Simple by Brian Reinbolt Computer controlled compositions designed for continuous installations.

ART 1006 Rotodoti Live improvised music with electroacoustic percussion, voice, trombone, cello and computer-controlled synthesizer.

ART 1007 James Tenney: Selected Works 1961-1969 Pioneering computer and electroacoustic pieces by Tenney.

ART 1008 Wreckin' Ball by The Hub More live network band music, recorded in concert in the U.S. and Europe.

ART 1009 Within Earreach by Richard Lerman Sonic Journeys recorded mostly from hand built microphones.

ART 1010 Etudes and Bagatelles by Mark Trayle Interactive computer music compositions.

ART 1011 Simple Harmonic Motion by Larry Polansky Works for instruments in just intonation.

ART 1012 Gang of 2 by the bifURCATORS: Scott Fraser and Philip Perkins Live recordings of ensemble works for instruments, computers and other electronics.