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From Fri Apr 12 17:06 PDT 1996 From: Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 20:09:53 -0400 To: baymusic@astron.Berkeley.EDU Cc: plonsey@sunra.Berkeley.EDU Subject: Ostertag concert April 26 + 27

On April 26 and 27, the Exploratorium presents the world premiere of Bob Ostertag's Spiral at the Cowell Theater at Fort Mason.

Spiral is a major new work for film, actor, musicians, and lights

The libretto for Spiral is a text of the same name by artist/author David Wojnarowicz. The text is Mr. Wojnarowicz's last work. In relentless, powerful prose, the author describes his own death, and his transformation into "a glass human, disappearing in the rain."

The ensemble includes Quebecois scratch-animation master Pierre Hebert, Oliver DiCicco, Trevor Dunn on bass (of Mr. Bungle and John Zorn's Masada, NY-based percussion master Gerry Hemingway, and actor/artist D-L Alvarez.

The ensemble will perform on glass instruments specially constructed for these works by Oliver DiCicco. Mr. Hebert's film will be projected onto a series of scrims, mirrors, and a suspended plate of sandblasted glass which will serve as both screen and percussion instrument. Using state-of-the-art digital electronics, Mr. Ostertag will "morph" both spoken and sung text into the sounds of the glass, creating a "disappearance" analogous to that described in the text.

Shows at 8pm, tickets are $15, $12 for students, seniors, and Exploratorium members. Call 392-4400.