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RECORDINGS As Oceans Curve: toward the Nevada Desert An hour length excerpt of a sound meditation incorporating both electronic and acoustic instruments. Item number JC-C-1; Cassette $8.00

SCORES Five Terrestrial Projections for Guitar and Other Instruments Conceived as a set of five chamber pieces which highlight the guitar paired variously with cello, piano, harpsichord, harp, flute, recorder, and bass clarinet. The centerpiece in this set is a work for guitar alone.

Commissioned by and dedicated to Jeffrey Noonan, Catalano has set out to extend the literature for the guitar to embody the developments of pulse/pattern minimalist music. This set of five distinct pieces, each lasting from 20-30 minutes, exploits a different technique of minimalist musical language.

Each piece is composed on a single sheet of paper 24'x36' worked into a score of graphic notation. Each piece also has a different design based either on a graphic pattern or structure. Because the scores are large in format all can be performed from one score except Woodhenge which ideally needs two copies for performance.

U3NFO2LDI5NG for guitar, cello and piano is a different kind of string trio. This piece is based on the fibbonicci number series found in the growth patterns of many trees, plants and animals. It is the working out, in sound, of these life patterns. Its effect has been described as possessing "a passionate quality which borders on the deeply tragic." Item number JC-S-1; Score $8.50

Between Friends for guitar and flute has a score which is formatted into two squares. The combination of the two parts is left to the performers' discretion, while demanding that they perform the written material provided. Because the possible combinations of two sets of material of nine units each equals 362,880 different possible combinations, it is very likely that no two performances will ever be the same. The most striking aspect of this work is the inclusion of silence within a minimalist framework. Item number JC-S-2; Score $8.50

Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes for guitar, harpsichord, and optional recorder, is based on the musical material derived from a magic square of nine notes. The first section relies heavily on improvisation, while the second section is the rigorous working out of rhythms, from nine beats down to a single beat. Item number JC-S-3; Score $10.00

Woodhenge for guitar, bass clarinet, marimba, and harp, takes its musical structure from the celestial siting rings of the pre-columbian archaeological dig at Cahokia Mounds, in south-western Illinois at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. This site, possessing the largest pre-columbian structure north of Mexico City, possesses the remains of a Native American city whose population of over 50,000 constituted one of the largest pre-European settlements in North America. This musical piece is a meditation of the uses of time as recorded at this site by the transit of the stars and planets overhead. Item number JC-S-4; Score $8.50

DreamFrame, for guitar alone This piece takes both its graphic and musical inspiration from Ptolemy's The Almagest, Nicolaus Copernicus' On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, and Book Five of Johannes Kepler's The Harmonies of the World. Much of the graphic content of this broadside is a reworking of these three writers' celestial diagrams. Kepler really did believe in a "harmony of the spheres," Copernicus only partially worked a correct celestial mechanics, and Ptolemy put the earth at the center of the universe. Each of these intellectual worlds was their dream , their vision of a reality which had but a relative truth. Item number JC-S-5; Score $10.00

As Oceans Curve: 1) Sounding the Deep Ocean Layer; 2) Toward the Nevada Desert; 3) The Great Barrier Reef - a set of three scores in an ongoing series of pieces for group performance. Each piece is a meditation on different aspects of the physical and psychic nature of the world's oceans. Item number JC-S-6; Score $8.00

Joe Catalano A composer/performer whose primary concerns are that of drawing the listener's attention to long time structures, forms occurring in the natural world, and the archaeological record, Catalano presently lives in Oakland, California.

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