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PERSONAL MUSIC an intimate series of new music performances. Wednesday Evenings.

April 18. Chris Brown. BEHAVIOR MUSIC April 25, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, SEXUS and INTERLOCK May 9, Tim Perkis/Brian Reinbolt, SONGS and OTHER PIECES/SURVIVING The DAY JOB May 16, David Rosenboom, PERSONAL MUSIC.

INTERSECTION, 756 Union Street, San Francisco, 94133 (415) 397-6061.

Intersection for the Arts presents PERSONAL MUSIC: an intimate series of new music performances.

SEXUS and INTERLOCK by Scot Gresham-Lancaster. Wednesday, Apr 25 84

About SEXUS: From the novel by Henry Miller.

I fell into composing this piece: I got a small computer to drive a voice synthesis chip: I entered a paragraph from Sexus. The language and images were still an aural ink blot, meaning drifting, accent alien. Others wondered at the random coherence...

This is the first opportunity for my wife and I to collaborate: with heated discussion, with inspiration from dreams, Kathy and I struggled to lift veils covering this vague notion, this personal project. The intuition of friend Ed Tywoniak helped the strange chemistry.

I heard the computer say, "I mount the steps and enter the arena, etc...." Someone asks, "Aren't you going to make it say something?"

About Interlock: Dedicated to Jimi Hendrix. He was a significant influence on me, in two of the most undefined musical notions: timbre and group improvisation. The timbre here is that of acoustic feedback of guitars through effects devices. Most effects are from two Serge Modular systems. Using acoustic feedback as a compositional device presents two problems: 1) it tends to be loud; therefore, cotton balls are available; and 2), there is no way to control acoustic and electronic variables. Therefore, I set up a "psychic score." In initial rehearsals, an interaction, visual and verbal, is set up among musicians. That changes to a mental agreement among players.

"Interlock" refers to the psychic connection and interplay by the performers...and possibly even the audience. S.G-L.

the PERSONAL MUSIC series. Sexus and Interlock by Scot Gresham-Lancaster.

SEXUS Actor: Kathy Gresham-Lancaster, Slides, shadows, puppets: Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Kathy Gresham-Lancaster. Live electronics, processing, lights, mixer: Ed Tywoniak.

INTERLOCK Guitars: Rene Fabre, Jay Cloidt. Violin, guitar: David Ziegler. Synthesizers: Scott Gresham-Lancaster, Richard Driscoll. Produced for Intersection by Alan Schreiber. Intersection Technical Director: Nat Fast. Thanks to Catherine Spurr, Elizabeth Wray, David Rosenboom.

Upcoming PERSONAL MUSIC concerts: Wednesday, May 9: Tim Perkis and Brian Reinbolt. Wednesday, May 16: David Rosenboom.

Audience are invited to remain following the concert for a reception.


SCOT GRESHAM-LANCASTER is a composer and electronic music design engineer, currently technical director of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College.

KATHY GRESHAM-LANCASTER studied theater at Virginia Commonwealth University. She studied with Yurek Bogievitch, a colleague of Jerzy Grotowski, and David Lehman of the Charles Conrad Studios in Los Angeles. She has performed n several films and will soon be performing in the public schools with Oakland's re/Creation Arts.

RENE FABRE is a guitarist, performer and composer at the Mills College CCM. He is affiliated with Cornish Institute and And/Or Gallery in Seattle.

JAY CLOIDT is a guitarist, performer and composer at Mills CCM. He is a sound technician for See/Hear, the new George Coates Performance Works piece. This July he and Marina LaPalma will perform at the New Music America festival in Hartford.

DAVID ZIEGLER is a guitarist, violinist and composer currently playing the Bay Area club circuit and co-managing Dog House Studio in Redwood City.

RICHARD DRISCOLL is a percussionist, synthesist, composer. A former member of the band MX-80, he is currently a free-lance musician.

ED TYWONIAK is a synthesist, guitarist, and composer. He is station manager at KSCM-FM and teacher at S. Mary's College. He is an active new music and performance artist.