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Scot Gresham-Lancaster (born 1954) has been active in electronic and computer music for the last 21 years as a composer, performer, and instrument designer. He has toured and played as a soloist in the US, Canada and Europe, and has participated in concerts at the ICMC, New Music America, the Taktlos festival, WDR Rhienfestival, and other smaller festivals.

He is a member of the interactive computer music ensemble, the Hub. This group specializes in using microcomputer music systems that interact with each other in new and experimental ways. He has played in the electro-acoustical ensemble Room. This group combines virtuosity with the use of advanced techniques in digital audio processing to create a palette of new and unheard sounds that transcends easy classification. The Raskin/ Gresham-Lancaster Duo Project involves the interaction of live performance with interactive computer software programs to create atmospheres of immediacy previously unattainable. He is working on the sonification of digital elevation models Terrain Broadcast with Bill Thibault.

He has recently completed a Djrassi Composer Residency Grant.


solo: * Raw Machine: with Meat (Rastascan Records)

With Room: * Room (Sound Aspects) * Hall of Mirrors (Sound and Arts)

With the HUB: * HUB (Artifact) * Wreckin' Ball (Artifact)

With Rova Saxophone Quartet & Alvin Curran: * Electric Rags II (New Albion)

With Club Foot Orchestra: * Metropolis (Hey Day)