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Erling Wold

List of Works

1995-6 Sub Pontio Pilato (in progress), full opera with libretto by James Bisso. The first two scenes were presented at Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, in August and September 1995 and at the Alternativa Festival in Prague in December of 1995.

1996 13 Versions of Surrender, song cycle for piano, bassoon, cello and voice based on poems of Michelle Murphy. Premiered by Laurie Amat in several concerts in San Francisco.

1995 Quartet, Duet, etc, several pieces for dancer-interactive computer system, computer-controlled pipe organ and electronics, performed at Tafelhalle, Nurnberg, and Gasteig theatre, Munich, with the Palindrome dance company.

1995 Albrechts Flugel, four pieces for piano solo.

1993-4 A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil, chamber opera based on the collage novel by Max Ernst. Scored for flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, viola, horn, cello, keyboard, percussion. 50 minutes. Performed at Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, January-February 1995.

1993 The Bed You Sleep In, soundtrack for a film by Jon Jost, produced by Complex Corporation. Film invited to film festivals in Berlin, London, Vienna, Iceland, Istanbul, Sundance, San Francisco, etc. Scored for saxophone, oboe, flute, clarinet, CD released by The Table of the Elements in December 1993. 1992 Modules and Loops, electronic music for a dance by Robert Wechsler, performed in Germany and Czechoslovakia.

1991 Table for One, electroacoustic music for dance by Ann di Fruscia, performed in San Francisco.

1990 Sure Fire, music for film directed by Jon Jost. Released theatrically in France, USA, UK, Germany. Winner of Caligari Prize, Berlin Film Festival 1991. First place in Athens Film Festival 1992. Scored for just intonated pedal steel, electronics and drums.

1990 I Weep (CD), released by Spooky Pooch Records.

1989 Seven Days Ago for organ, flute, horns and orchestral vibraphone. Included on I Weep. 1989 Egg Dance, electroacoustic music for a dance by Gay White and Leigh Evans, performed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Included on I Weep.

1989 Mo for piano. Included on I Weep.

1989 Center Mother and Boss-puss, setting of the Antonin Artaud poem for keyboard and two solo instruments and soprano or tenor.

1988 It was in the summer that I first noticed your hair, your face, your eyelids. Scored for flute, clarinet, oboe, bells, retuned piano and electric bass. Included on I Weep. Included on Numbers Racket, Just Intonation Network, 1991.

1988 Piano Concerto #4 by V.M. Included on I Weep.

1988 Music of Love (CD), released by Spooky Pooch Records.

1987 Duncan's Long Day for synthesizer. Included on I Weep.

1987 Incidental music for the play The Islamic Republic of Las Vegas: Dance of the Testifiers, for retuned flute, vibraphone and drums. Included on Music of Love. Included on Rational Music for an Irrational World, Just Intonation Network, 1989. Dance of the Polygamists for piano. Ten Tan Girls for Every Boy for organ, saxophone, bass, synthesizer.

1987 Suite for music box: Heaven for Girls, Ara Hemat, The Story of Play-Do, Canned Demon, etc. Included on Music of Love.

1987 318th 45th Street for string orchestra, included on I Weep.

1987 Quintet, music for a dance by Robert Wechsler, performed in New York and Germany.

1986 Tune for Lynn Murdock #2, included in Tellus #14, special issue on just intonation.

1986 Crash, music for a dance by Gay White, performed at New Langston Arts in San Francisco, Nexus Gallery, Berkeley and Lhasa Gallery, Los Angeles. Included on Music of Love. Included in premiere issue of Leonardo Music Journal CD, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1991.

1986 Baron Ochs (LP) released by Spooky Pooch.

1985 Marriage for two trumpets and bass or slide guitar and bass.

1985 Four Musical Portraits for 3 keyboards. Two included on Baron Ochs, one on I Weep.

1985 Baron Ochs, music for a recitation. Text by Everett Shock and Erling Wold. Scored for two keyboards and solo instrument. 25 minutes. Included on Baron Ochs. Performances in San Francisco, 1985 and Berkeley, 1991.

1982 Tune for Lynn Murdock #1, for 11 amplified strings and percussion. Included on Music of Love (CD), 1988.

1979 Concerto for String bass and Chorus in quarter-tones and sixth-tones.

1978 The Waste Land, setting of the T.S. Eliot poem. Scored for piccolo, flute, violin, vibraphone, percussion, piano/celesta and soprano. Eleanor Remick Warren music composition award from Occidental College. 1978 Sonata for clarinet and piano in two tempi.