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Mayor's Performing Arts Camp June 21 - July 2 1993

Music Classes and Instructors

Gamelan: Sarah Willner 237-6814 Songwriting/Rapping: Phavia (c/o EW Wainwright 601-6628, tentative) Beg. Band/Ensemble: Urs Steiner (415-666-0747, tentative) or Anne Krinitsky 415-543-2297 (tentative) Music Appreciation/Recorder: Renee Whitton 632-3955 (tentative) Steel Drums, Pre-camp guitar: Beth Hinterberger 428-4073 Chorus (AM): Melanie Rath 653-4695 Band/Ensemble (16-18): Ken Rosen 415-584-1939 (tentative) Gospel Chorus (PM): Glenn Ratcliffe 233-6005 Keyboards/Songwriting & After Camp Piano: Patricia Mancini 533-2849 African Drums: Khalil Rasheed (tentative) or Hakika 235-6703 (tentative)

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS: Band: For older teens who have experience with a band instrument. More advanced instruction on the particular instrument with emphasis on performance. Ensemble: Same as above. I don't know which instruments you have in mind. Beginning Band: A first, hands-on experience and introduction into the instruments that make up a band: drums, trumpet, trombone, etc. First rudiments of reading, playing and performance. Beginning Ensemble: Same as above. Intermediate Band: Some knowledge of an instrument. Further and more advanced instruction in the technique of the the instrument, more advanced music theory and performance. Chorus: Introduction to works of 2 and 3 part harmony. Some instruction in music theory, and plenty of singing in harmony. Keyboard/Songwriting: A class using the keyboard and the computer (Practica Musica software) to compose music. Limited to 10 participants. Gamelan: Please add: A small percussion orchestra (metallophones, gongs) from Bali. Limited to 10-12 participants.

LUNCHTIME MINI PERFORMANCES (10) Room: An improvisational group, with William Winant, Larry Ochs, Chris Brown. Percussion, saxophone, keyboard/electronics.

Mark Trayle and His Power Glove: Trayle uses a data glove to create sound. Interactive with the kids.

Bill Thibault: Demo and interactive video, real-time with the children's images.

Balinese Gender Wayang: A 4-person contingent from Gamelan Sekar Jaya, Wayne Vitale, Tom Ballinger, Sarah Willner, don't remember the other one.

Dimensions Dance Theater: Vibrant, well-known Bay Area dance company.


EW Wainwright African Roots of Jazz Great jazz ensemble Kulingtang Dance Company Ethnic dance. Rova Saxophone Quartet Like it says Shakiri Innovative dance theater, on the edge. Reginald Savage Dance Company Classical, classy jazz dance.