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Barbara Golden's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

Burning Books with Boner Girl Prods. announces Barbara Golden's BOOK/CD package...

The book is a revised and expanded "Home Cooking." It includes many new recipes, poems, paintings, and scores (6 x 9 inches, wire-bound, 112 pages). And, slipped neatly into the back is a digitally-mastered compact disc of Barbara's wild and of course raunchy tunes.

Praise for Golden's previous book, Home Cooking

* "A cookbook that stimulates, titillates and tickles all the appetites." - Michael Wild, owner and chef, Bay Wolf Restaurant

* "There's the cookbook as addiction...and as la vie boheme.... Barbara Golden's raunchy Home Cooking from Burning Books." - Alexander Cockburn, House & Garden

* "I wanted to take Barbara home with me. She comes off as smart, sassy, attractive and a good cook. I realized that the only problem Home Cooking presents is whether to keep the book in the library or the kitchen." - Steve Durland, High Performance

* "Barbara is always an inspiration of love." - Robert Ashley, composer.

Songs on the CD: * My Pleasure * Trashy Girls * Boner Boys * Back Burner * Dreamer * Tampon Rag * Flaming Toast * Baby * Just Say Yes * I Wanna Drive * Ollie * Clit Envy * Lap Pool * Seven Bad Words * B-B-B-Billy * Michael Jackson * Ramon, Maybe * Tia's Theme * Pink Pleasure

Barbara is a world-adored composer, performer, and radio personality. A founding member of WIGband, her meteoric rise from housewife/schoolteacher in Montreal, to diva/demimondaine of the avant-garde comes to life in this book and CD through her poems and drawings and her ongoing commentary about what gives a creme caramel, or your love life, more body. Goldens' pithy and heartfelt lyrics are enjoyed by physicists, truck drivers, bankers and musicians. Also included is a recent in-depth interview by Dave Bidini of Brave New Waves (CBC).

US$24.95. (we pay any taxes and shipping!).

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