from the john jay cloidt collection 367w

Burnt Onions (why she quit the pie shop) Barbara Golden Graduate Thesis Recital Mills College November 28, 1981

"Boule Noir et Langue Rouge" -6 min. -the popcorn papers

Mostly girls: Tracy Dalton...About Women in Show business... Maggi Payne...."Light Bits" Sheila Davies, Patrick Sumner....scene from "Color Blind" Melody Sumner - "The Time is Now" Theresa Whitehill - "The Time is Now" -Excerpt from "Lot's Daughter" by Melody Sumner Wendy Raid..."Tree Pieces No. 4" setting for Two Poems

if you were the tower of pisa and I were your leaning walls could we stand there forever or would we crumble and fall but contradiction is affirmation of poems by Miss Tree

Barbara Golden Tapes: "Whipping the Boys" - 10 min. ... a fully clothed s/m event voice: Konstantinos Dionysios Markakis

"Final Spin" - 15 min. ... ambiguities in the male-female connection voice: Konstantinos Dionysios Markakis

"NURSE" (the way to a man's heart is thru his stomach) -25 min. ... dehumanized, desensitized under fascistic bureaucracy we became what we eat... vocal emissions: Willie Whynot

Songs: "Custody of the Cutlery" "Nothing Personal" "A Fan's Dreams" (Will Ya Love me When I'm Rich & Famous) "Ayatollah, Darling" "Birds Keep Flyin" (Goin' on the back Burner) with Wendy Reid, violin, Larry Polansky, mandolin; Larry Simon, guitar; Barney Jones, vocals "Dreamer" vocals ... Girls Looking for Husbands: Fran Smith, Claudia Rickets, Sheila Davies "Spliced Outta Yr Life" - with Wendy Reid, violin "Bird in the Hand" - with Barney Jones, back up vocals; Larry Polansky, keyboard; Larry Simon, guitar; Wendy Reid, violin; Charlie Hiesband, bass; Willie Whynot, percussion; Jim McKee, trombone; Magdalen Luecke, saxophone.

Poems & Watercolors: A collection 1976-1981 "Saturday Night" ... with Stefa Zawerucha & David Fritz video: Jean Moncrieff, Ben Azarm Mics etc.: Kenneth Atchley Stage: Mark Trayle Projectionist: Michael Sumner Film: Jean Moncrieff, Andrew Aldrich Slides: Howard Moscowitz, Andrew Aldrich Slides: Howard Moscowitz, Andrew Aldrich, Bob Wier Recorded by: Maggi Payne

Sound set up: Chris Maher, Phil Stone, Charlie Hiesband, Larry Simon, Barney Jones, Sam Ashley Production asst - Melody Sumner Costume: Sherien Spester Lights courtesy; Jim Graham Slide screen courtes Sumner Costume: Sherien Spester Lights courtesy; Jim Graham Slide screen courtesy: Patrick Sumner Medical illustrations: Stephanie McCann Super 8 courtesy of Michael Sumner.