downloaded from KPFA FM gopher space on the Well on june 26 1995 KPFA Folio archives 386w

1994 Thursday, April 7 12:00 Crack O'Dawn The compositions of Enric Andrew Zappa will be presented including the world premiere of Suite for Four Percussion and excerpts from Octahedron with pianist, Lino Rivera. Barbara Golden hosts.

Thursday, May 5 12:00 Crack O' Dawn Miya Masaoka, Director of the San Francisco Gagaku Society, plays 21-string koto live. Blend some Gagaku, some Oregon, some improv and you have the music of Masaoka. Also featured, music from her new CD, Miya Masaoka: Compositions-Improvisations which is host Barbara Golden's current fave.

Thursday, June 2 12:00 Crack O Dawn Paul Matzner, extraordinary, intrepid "birdman" presents breathtaking sounds of the quietest places in the world. He is Chairman and Co-founder of the Nature Sound Society and Program Director of the California Library of Natural Sounds. Jason Reinier, his master technician, will also be in the studio. Hosted by Barbara Golden.

Thursday, July 7 12:00 Crack O' Dawn Special guest is percussionist/artiste William Winant who presents the music of John Zorn from recent CDs: Leng-Che, Torture Garden, Grand Guignol, Absinthe, Elegy for Jean Genet, and Kristalnacht. Winant will also play local bands: Caroliner, Faxed Head, etc. Call-ins welcome at (510) 848-4425. Hosted by Barbara Golden.

Thursday, August 4 12:00 Crack O' Dawn Bill (Thibault) & Jim (Horton) play along with the Electro-Acoustic Classics. Listen to 2 computer nerds who've recycled/looped the classics (Cage, Verese, Tenney etc.), sampling with a virtual reality glove plus a semi-autonomous microtonal computer program. Also, a premier of Horton's I Heard a Thousand Blended Notes. Hosted by Barbara Golden.

Thursday, September 1 12:00 Crack O'Dawn Crawling with Tarts, Mic and Suzanne Dycus-Gendreau, that is. The dynamic duo shows up at the "Crack" to premiere one of two new operas: Grand Surface Noise Opera #3 (Indian Ocean Ship). Crawling started out in the underground cassette network, and continually uses forms from different genres: electronic, opera, songs, recordings from the 40s and 50s plus some corporate stuff. Barbara Golden hosts.

Thursday, October 6 12:00 Crack O'Dawn Hosted by Barbara Golden.

Thursday, November 3 12:00 Crack O'Dawn Wendy Reid shares her newest perfectly minimal, perfect music. Performances by Don Buchla and trombonist George Lewis. Hosted by Barbara Golden.