downloaded from Barbara Golden's WORLD O' MEDIA website on july 2 1995 229w

Barbara Golden's Crack O' Dawn

Mostly experimental music, but you never know. KPFA-FM94, Berkeley, midnight to 3am, on the night of the first Thursday of the month (Friday morning to be precise).


July: Barb's in Bali! One of the usual Thursday night crew stands in.

June 1: A. A. BEE Removal Iconoclastic, even by contemporary music standards, A. A. Bee pushes the boundaries of music, creating "noise beds" comprised of static and white noise intermixed with the barest semblance of intelligible sound, but only at the very threshold of perception. The result is that of dreamlike hallucination, and differs in content for each separate listener. A. A. Bee Removal will take your call-ins at (510)848-4424.

May: K. Atchley, Mark Trayle, and Chris Brown. The boys play recent works, including Mark Trayle's Etudes and Bagatelles on Artifact Recordings and Chris Brown's new CD Lava.

April 6th: George Lewis, trombonist/computer wizard. Has played with all the greats of the avant garde and jazz worlds on over 80 recordings. And likes BG's CD! He played it for his class in women's music at Mills.

March: Mills College Didjeridu Ensemble

February: Texts of Sumner Carnahan (aka Melody Sumner), put to music by various artists including Laetitia Sonami, Susan Stone, Barb herself, and others.

January 5: Ed Osborn.