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K. ATCHLEY _________________________________________________________________

composes and performs electronic music, listens to news and noise, is a Dilettante Buddhist. (ie. all the Compassion/Bliss with none of the pesky vows.)

He has performed throughout the United States and Europe (including the Bang On A Can Festival). Much of his composition concerns the use of text, electronics, and ensemble. He is currently composing and investigating works for noise guitar.

Since 1978 he has concentrated on developing new operatic forms. The Premiere issue of the Leonardo Music Journal featured an article concerning his recent operatic works as well as a selection on the accompanying CD.

His writings and scores are also featured in Burning Books' the guests go in to supper along with that of Robert Ashley, John Cage, Yoko Ono, and Laurie Anderson.

Atchley's work focuses on: VOICE as a fundamental and intimate instrument; COMMUNICATIONS as a medium to extraordinary states of mind and non-ordinary personalities; ELECTRONICS as a fluid and expressive means of conveying spirit; ENSEMBLE as an instance and model of social involvement in all the above. __________________________________________________________

K. Atchley: Published Media


6 HOUSE Views from the Perfect City on the Inial label (number one)

Don Giovanni (excerpt) see below: Leonardo Music Journal of Art and Technology


I extracted the text of 6 HOUSE from a much longer libretto about Nikola Tesla. The inventor believed that human behavior could be described in scientific expressions, explained and eventually predicted. This excerpt portrays a specific human relationship--a crush--in terms of phase relations. The work also provides a view of the relationship through the filter of Duchamp's Nude Descending A Staircase.

K. Atchley: Published Scores And Articles

EDISON'S LAST PROJECT(ION) [opera], LIGHT OF HAND (Lumiere de Main) [choral work] published in the book "the guests go in to supper" by Burning Books of San Francisco, Ca.

"An Introduction To The Operatic Works of K. Atchley Including An In Depth Discussion Of An Original Opera Titled, "'Don Giovanni.'" published in The Premiere issue of Leonardo Music Journal of Art and Technology.

"11" published in "Another Room" magazine.

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Bill Thibault/Cult 45 (video) with K.Atchley

[IMAGE] Cult 45 (excerpts) (2MB quicktime with audio) (1MB mpeg); a tribute to the late great Jerry Hunt, by Guns For Tibet (w/K. Atchley). Produced in realtime with a midi controlled framegrabber, voice coil driven electric guitar, and tapes. Buddha meets Magick Enochian Kabbalah and Sir John Dee.

[IMAGE] [IMAGE] (273K MPEG) or [IMAGE] (400K quicktime with audio) [IMAGE] [IMAGE] (273K MPEG) or [IMAGE] (400K quicktime with audio) [IMAGE] [IMAGE] (188K MPEG) or [IMAGE] (400K quicktime with audio)