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K. Atchley: Performances and/or Projects

On Friday (12:01 a.m., January 5) performed solo and with Frank Moore and John Bischoff as a guest on Barbara Golden's Crack-O-Dawn on KPFA --94.1FM-- Berkeley. As usual it was a blast being on Barbara's show.

I got to play n0ise guitar and jam with Moore, et al. Frank's music provided a nicely twisted, accepting, creative 'space' in which to perform. He is thinking about staging a 45 min. fantasy/jam in some Bay Area performance space. I hope to join them if this happens. Mr. Moore's and entourage were good humored and a pleasure to share the air with.

Recently visited Tennessee where I informally toured Wal-Marts; newly-opened, fast-food restaurants; and neighborhood Christmas displays.

I was inspired by some e-mail adventure with Mark Trayle to compose a short verse honoring John Bischoff. Jim Horton liked the result and encouraged me to finish it. The result was the poem 'bischode'.


Bisch in swimsuit squats over burning

LXP-1 inhaling The vapors of digitally-processed audiospheres,

Inducing fears Radiating through ether and circuits

To homes of listeners Unprepared for the raw, undistilled Sound of electronics and fire married.

Indeed the ether-audience listens

Enrapt in visions: Coarse and full of information

(Vistas of oscillation) Revealed within the folds of careful

Nuance: beautiful, Dreadful, meeting each listener In experiences of time's line, moment, DIN, whisper.

The Music allows contact--ephemeral--

(Via a path ceremonial Of one electric circuit enfolding:

performer, instrument,

listener, neural-path,


And primal/future encoding: Flowing performer [musical] instrument neuron

[biological] instrument hearer and on) Within time the paradox of stopping motion, yet reveling In the sensation of an atom's eternal, rhythm extending...

To this sparse stage holding this swimmer

--Of seas of vibrations, of journeys inner-- Before the pyre of music(s) past,

Who inhales that life-beat turned to smoke and ash And breathes anew (through craft and art [a fact])

The new hymn to life, intelligence, passion, the will to act Which inspires anew (through this art and craft) Others' courage to deeply think, and feel, and act.

note 1: from Machine Dreams by mike rowell on nov 21 1995 in SF Weekly "the harsh, nightmarish textures of 'The Glass Hand.' "

note 2: ------------------------------- To: date: jan 6 1996 Subject: Re: from byron (fwd) will Bischod be included in the history?

>jh: inclusion status: verified included.

jb: uh oh, i'm doomed. -------- jh: maybe all kinds of disclaimer counter poetry can save you. get katch to write it-he likes to do that kind of stuff. yr friend Horus.