Bananafish No.5 Sept. 1993(?JH) PO Box 11463, San Francisco, CA 94101-4463 ISSN ?none? periodical

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Spent a fair amount of time entranced by PGR's Euphoria, Order and Chaos 7", but I spend a fair amount of time face down in a puddle of my own saliva, so, admittedly, for adequate barometer the reader is left wanting. The cover's got Kathleen Cascone's cityscape woodcut with some really hot angles. The vinyl's clear.

The music was recorded at home in 1983 by Kim Cascone. The instruments used were guitar and autoharp, both prepared (marinated in garlic and lemon, simmered till tender), and some kitchenly percussion. If you're like me, well, first go get the Woody Woodpecker pillowcase from the hamper and wipe off your godamn forehead, and second, appreciate how difficult it is for one person to reconstruct a vision of collective noise improv a step at a time. Silent Records / 540 Alabama #315 / San Francisco, CA 94110.

Typed by Cheryl Vega 4-28-95