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From: WILL-E Date: Thu, 19 Aug 93 18:18:11 EDT Subject: Heavenly Music Corporation

the heavenly music corporation: _in a garden of eden_

49 minutes long, on Silent Records (the same ones who put out the _50 Years of Sunshine_ compilation double CD) [catalog # SR9335]

First of all, heavenly music corp. is the name of a song by Brian Eno & Robert Fripp off the album No Pussyfooting.

Looking at the sleeve, I noticed: "this cd was created for the space age lounge, a technomystical chill room in goa, india..." and "please note that sublingual hypgnosis techniques are used on this cd in order to induce a theta state in the listener's brain/please do not operate heavy machinery or drive a motor vehicle while listening to this cd..." It also credits genesis p-orridge as a "constant source of inspiration" which means I *had* to hear it. This explains the theta state part. G.P'O along with William Burroughs are big advocates of inducing the theta state by using a dream or brain machine as invented by the French surrealist artist Brion Gysin. It's what you want to achieve with meditation sometimes.

All titles written & mixed by kim cascone.

1. cloud structure silence (5:07): starts out with a loud rooster call a la orb. Very ethereal and ambient. Sounds of farm animals thrown in. 2. the quiet mind (4:42): totally spaceous sounding! Try listening to this one in an altered state of mind! 3. ambient to be here (8:05): a bit more electronic sounding (like a FAX ambient track) with what I think is the sound of a crackling fire in the background. 4. dawn chorus (5:25): birds chirpping and trancey electronic ambient bliss 5. beautiful dream (5:01): samples of dolphins, a woman talking about a dream, someone jumping into a pool, and a beat! 6. in a garden of eden (14:07): the beat kicks in about 5 minutes in and this track has a more eastern sound to it. 7. reentry (6:59): digeridoo samples & a 303!!! talk about trendy...

In my honest opinion, this is one of the more brilliant pieces of ambient music I've heard in a long time. Too bad it hasn't come out on vinyl. I posted to a select few to keep this little jewel were I found it; underground!

enjoy! WILL-E