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D E E P E R . T H A N . S P A C E "Current" from Deeper Than Space is the reaction to an underground scene hungry for intelligent music. Adam Douglas, mastermind behind Deeper Than Space, takes you through the worlds of ambient and light trance music and even touches on a little trip-hop and ambient jungle. Parts of "Current" sound like Aphex Twin while the ambient trip-hop track "Uncomfortable to be Alone" sounds like a piece from the Ninja Tune catalog. This is the kind of musical diversity that defines ambient music, which can be influenced by any and all types of music. With this current release, DTS takes you to places you have always known but have never been.

Deeper Than Space has also released "Earthrise" and "Spaceship Melody Remixes" (April 1994) CDs, as well as a collaborative ambient CD with Arthur Dent called "Drift", all on Silent's imprint, Flask.

Deeper Than Space is Adam Douglas, a native to the San Francisco Bay Area. Douglas has played piano and music all of his life, and by the time he was in 7th grade was creating his own music. Kim Cascone, of Silent Records, was so impressed with Adam's musical ability that he made him A&R for Silent's then-fledgling imprint, Flask Records. Douglas' first venture on Flask was as 303 Terrorists, an acid project with Thad Jones. During the summer of 1993, Douglas experienced UFO sightings and alien contact. The sensations and feelings that he experienced during this period had a major influence on Deeper Than Space's first full-length release on Flask, "Earthrise". Douglas has also released "Spaceship Melody Remixes" as Deeper Than Space and has had releases on several compilations including "Brilliance For A Better Future". In December of 1994, Douglas collaborated with Arthur Dent (Dominic Cramp) to create the release "Drift", a journey into minimalist ambient music, also on the Flask imprint.