Wed, 12 Apr 1995 20:46:34 Thread 62 of 81 Lines 11 Hearts of Space info needed No responses Andrew "Dice" Gore at Primenet

Just saw this newsgroup, and thought you folks might know about a radio show that was a favorite of mine in the early 80's that I enjoyed a lot when I was in the California Bay Area. It was called Music from the Hearts of Space. It came on late at night, and was very spacey and ethereal, but done in an intelligent and interesting manner. It was way ahead of it's time; today it would be called New Age music. ... (Back then, I heard Tom Snyder interview Charles Manson. He asked Manson if he watched TV or read newspapers. Manson said no, never... 'but I do like the Hearts of Space program. That's pretty good.' (Manson was in San Quentin jh)