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================================================================= % HEARTS OF SPACE % "Where Melody Meets Imagination" =================================================================

CONSTANCE DEMBY ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- =SET FREE= #016 Ms. Demby's 1989 release takes the symphonic spacemusic and electronic chorales of Novus Magnificat a step further, while boldly exploring new directions. The recording weaves these varied musical threads -- rollicking African and Balinese rhythms, a joyous spacewaltz and two powerful songs -- into a rich tapestry. From joyous Indonesian gamelan influences, the journey descends into the depths of the human heart and the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth, then ascends to the ecstasy of celestial communion.

Electronic keyboards, pan pipe, diverse percussion.

Total Time 66:51

=SACRED SPACE MUSIC= #010 The predecessor to Novus Magnificat features two extended compositions with sparkling hammered dulcimer, heart-tugging viola melodies, acoustic piano, and shimmering synthesizer voices. One explores the elusive emotions of spiritual yearning; the other evolves from a solo hammered dulcimer meditation into a vast, inspiring chorale for wordless voices, synthesizer, and chimes.

Total Time 40:58

=NOVUS MAGNIFICAT= #003 Our all-time best seller: sublime, soaring, reverential, uplifting, intensely emotional music in the Western sacred tradition. It simply must be experienced to appreciate! USA Today said, "You will be moved." CD Review called it, "A landmark recording in the New Age genre."

Digital orchestra, piano, 1,000-voice virtual choir, electronic special effects by Michael Stearns.

Total Time 54:40

DAVID LANGE ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- =RETURN OF THE COMET= #011 Warm, floating electronic harmonies and interstellar processionals, inspired by Comet Kahoutek.

"You don't need the flash of a comet to enjoy this celestial music -- a starlit night, some brightly glistening planets, and a few shooting stars will do the trick." -- NEW AGE JOURNAL.

Synthesizers. Total Time 52:14

ROBERT RICH & LISA MOSKOW ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- =YEARNING= #050 Yearning achieves a historic breakthrough in the sound of Indian music with a continuous one hour long alap -- the slow introduction to the classical raga. Expanded sound design fuses the soulful microtonal reverberations of Lisa Moskow's sarod with Rich's vast electronic images, flutes and percussion. A genuine integration of Eastern and Western sensibilities, Yearning rides the emotional spectrum through joy and longing, pathos and devotion, to peace.

Total Time 59:36

ROBERT RICH & STEVE ROACH ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- =SOMA= #033 By turns earthy, danceable, sensuous, erotic, psychoactive, and mystical, SOMA's heady potion of organic percussion instruments, pulsing electronic rhythms, airy ethnic flutes, slide guitars, didgeridoo, and dense synthesized ambiences might well be called terratronic. The album extends the creative vistas opened by Rich and Roach in their acclaimed 1990 collaboration Strata.

SoMA celebrates creative forces in the biological realm, and strikes a solid balance between profundity and pure pleasure.

Total Time 57:19

=STRATA= #019 Psychologically potent journeys that move you deep below the surface of ordinary music. Using geological strata as a metaphor for layers of the primordial mind, two synthesist- psychonauts employ masterful electroacoustic sound production to journey deep into inner space -- from polyrhythmic movements, through darkly compelling interior landscapes, to the healing sonorities that conclude the album. CD Review gave it their highest rating: 10/10!

"Beautiful layers of sound at times as dense as the earth's core, or as light as our atmosphere... Hypnotic, seductive, and highly recommended." -- TEMPO.

Synths, samplers, percussion.

Total Time 59:07

D'CUCKOO ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- =UMOJA= #501 Ready for post-industrial cyber-tribal world funk? The newest sound from San Francisco is a band called D'Cuckoo, the all-women multimedia, techno-arts ensemble that's booting up a hip new groove for the 90's. Their debut CD, Umoja, turns on fans of rock, pop, techno / dance, and world music.

"The music is hot and engaging" -- NEWSWEEK.

"Musical antecedents are Peter Gabriel, Remain In Light-period Talking Heads, and Brian Eno" -- MODERN DRUMMER.

Total Time 45:46

CANDICE PACHECO ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- =THE VORTEX= (Original Soundtrack) #502 The Vortex is a seductive mix of African and Middle Eastern rhythms, pygmy chants, state-of-the-art sampling, and exotic percussion. This historic release is the first feature-length soundtrack created expressly for the new interactive CD-ROM medium. Composed, produced and engineered by Candice Pacheco of D'Cuckoo, this soundtrack is the musical equivalent of the interactive sci-fi thriller The Vortex, Quantum Gate II.

Candice is one of the founders of D'Cuckoo, the techno-tribal multimedia band known for pioneering electronic music technology and interactive performance art. She has recorded with Brian Eno and Mickey Hart and her music has been compared to Peter Gabriel, Laurie Anderson and "Remain In Light" era Talking Heads.

Total Time 49:15