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FREAK - A - ZOID THE FUNKY TRANCE OF FREAKY CHAKRA by Lovegrove and Kris Vandevander

It is well documented that San Francisco is the U.S. epicenter of electronic music. The home to a multitude of ambient/techno labels like Hardkiss, Hearts of Space, Reflective, Zoe Magik, and Silent, just to name a few. These small, yet influential record companies have proved ample playgrounds for several bay area artists. One result is the much talked about San Frandisco sound; the combining of ambient overtones, funky drummer breaks, and Chicago house basslines. This trancy fusion has propelled such acts as Dubtribe to international acclaim. The latest artist to receive worldwide attention is Daum Bentley, a.k.a. FREAKY CHAKRA.

As Freaky Chakra, Bentley burst onto the rave scene with his debut single "Trancendental Funk Bump." Released by Exist Dance, the single ended up in record crates of the world's finest djs. The strong groove surrounded by tweaked electronics not only caught the attention of the dj community, but it also captured the ears of Astralwerks. Quickly signing the 24-year old musician, Astralwerks released Daum's next single, "Peace Fixation."

Drawing inspiration from many musical periods has given Bentley a sound that is thickly layered, melodically intricate, and spiritual deep. He freely admits a love of older rock, 70's disco, 80's industrial and club music, in addition to current underground tracks. The influence has given Freaky Chakra a unique approach to composition. The result is music he calls, "Electronic journey music with a flair."

Journey music, indeed. His new double LP Lowdown Motivator travels through many techno moods. Percussion driven trance flavored with dub, funk, and tribal elements veiled in rich ambient synth waves. Mellow grooves to chill by, trance laden house to move by. Enough to make for a well rounded full length release, but wait, there is more.

Freaky Chakra's debut long player is highlighted by the slow moving "Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven." Ritualistic dub accented by the beautiful voice of Toni Halliday, vocalist of Curve. After adding a guitar line to the track Bentley looked to spice the track with a vocal. As he explains, "I thought I would like to work with Toni Halliday... so I sent her the tape. She got back to me in two weeks. I basically said she could do whatever she wanted... She is a nice person and has a very good sense of music.... impressive."

While Bentley was impressed with Halliday's musical sense, Lowdown Motivator proves he has quite a bit of musical sense himself. His artistic ability has flourished as an outgrowth of an open mind. Look for the sound of Freaky Chakra to continue the admiration of the bay area community. Bentley hopes to extended his "electronic journey" on the road later this year, touring with close friend Single Cell Orchestra. A tour that should have the entire U.S. underground converted to the San FranDISCO vibe...