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The interactive music/muchomedia ensemble: engaging, extraordinary blends of techno-tribal world funk, audience participation, digital percussion inventions, "show toys," imagery, dance, and song.


Six uniquely talented musicians, all women. Skilled in high-tech methods of making music and generating sounds, they mix sophisticated pop vocals and lyrics with techno, dance and world music influences. Their original sound features custom digital samples played on unique electronic percussion instruments-- MIDI marimbas, MIDI drum controllers and 6' MIDI bamboo "trigger sticks"--all of which they invent, design and build themselves.

D'CuCKOO's music is characterized by engaging sonic depth and dynamic playing style. It's straight from the heart--yet the lyrics display the intellectual and political sensibilities of "one shared vision"--and the band never forgets that music is founded upon rhythm.


D'CuCKOO's high-energy live performances are multimedia events, accentuated by live video, computer graphics and interaction with the audience. D'Cuckoo shows are innovative and surprising, with interactive "showtoys" such as the famous D'CuCKOO MidiBall and RiGBy, an animated, 3-D, computer-generated puppet. RiGBy is generated in real time by a Silicon Graphics Iris Indigo. RiGBy's facial features and position are controlled by Ron Fischer, D'CuCKOO's "digital puppeteer"; RiGBy's voice is an alter-ego of Linda Jacobson, D'CuCKOO's "Virtriloquist" (virtual "ventriloquist"), who riffs from offstage with the band and audience.

The D'CuCKOO MidiBall is a giant, wireless, helium-filled sphere that the audience bounces around like a huge electronic volleyball. Each touch triggers new sounds and visuals while the band lays down a groove. The D'CuCKOO MidiBall has been featured on the Discovery Channel, NBC-TV, Toronto's CityTV, and other international broadcasts.


Co-founders Tina Blaine (known as "Bean") and Candice Pacheco (known as "Candice") were told time and again that they were crazy for wanting to create their own instruments. But hey! They did just that, designing and building their customized, glowing MIDI marimbas and multi-pad MIDI drum controllers they call "turtles." When struck by mallets, these instruments convert electrical signals into MIDI data, which in turn trigger digital samplers and synthesizers, allowing the music to sound like anything--from traditional acoustic marimbas and drums to an unlimited range of other sounds.

The current D'CuCKOO tribe consists of: Janelle, Bean, Candice, Linda (RiGBy), Jenn, Terrie, Kim.


*UMOJA* is D'CuCKOO's second CD release. The band explains, "We call this disc 'Umoja'--Swahili for 'unity'--because it reflects our global perspective and interest in people and issues beyond our own geographical borders."

Released in 1994, Umoja brings together a union of musical styles from around the world and layered vocals, culminating in a sound that is distinctly D'Cuckoo.

D'CuCKOO's first recording, *D'CUCKOO*, was released in 1992 by Aisle of Women/D'Kayla Records. The *D'CuCKOO* CD is an eclectic blend of D'CuCKOO's neo-classical, post-industrial, cyber-tribal world funk. It includes a cover of Brian Eno's "No One Receiving."

Candice Pacheco, co-founder of D'Cuckoo, has released a solo CD, *THE VORTEX*: the original soundtrack for HyperBole Studio's CD-ROM interactive movie, "The Vortex; Quantum Gate II." The soundtrack is a mix of African, Middle Eastern and techno rhythms, vocal chants, ambient backgrounds and exotic percussion celebrating the hippest music in the local galaxy.


*UMOJA* is available in stores and through direct mail; *D'CuCKOO* is available by mail order only. *The Vortex* is available in stores but...

...all these recordings can be ordered by mail--thus bypassing the corporate machine and supporting the artists directly--by sending check or money order to:

D'CuCKOO 2440 16th Street #304 San Francisco, CA 94103

CDs are $16 each and cassettes are $10 each. Please include $2.00 for shipping and handling and CA tax (8.25%) for California residents.

Black D'CuCKOO t-shirts with the vivid dancing D'CuCKOO logo are also available for $13 each in S, M, L, XL. Signed posters are available for $10.00. If you'd like to keep in touch with D'CuCKOO electronically, please drop a line to:



"I love your recording of 'No One Receiving.' I think it's the best version anyone's ever done of one of my songs." - Brian Eno, August 1991

"It's the groove of the future. It's all electronic, but they're real players; these women really know what they're doing. This is not just a bunch of dumb computer heads -- this is a real, live, feeling, fire-breathing band." - Mickey Hart, KPFA-FM interview, Feb. 1992

"These women are geniuses!" - Richard Hart, KRON-TV (NBC) News, March 1992

"D'CuCKOO's method of music-making is among the most original and wide-ranging anywhere in the world." - Jonathan E, BAM Magazine, May 1992

"The music is hot and engaging." - Michael Rogers, Newsweek, November 1990

"Future anthropologists must consider how D'CuCKOO embodies our dreams...Part of the charm of seeing D'CuCKOO perform is just watching them. The women have a sensuous stage presence. All highly adept multi-instrumentalists, they dance among their unique instruments, trading off in an elaborate choreography. D'CuCKOO's songwriting has strength to equal their electronic expertise and musical performance chops...D'CuCKOO is a must-see band." - Ed Tywoniak, Mondo 2000 Magazine,1991