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John Bischoff

Six electronic compositions by this experimental Bay Area electronic music composer, ranging from dynamic computer performances to analog processed tape pieces. The work embraces the electronic mechanism as an acoustic bass player embraces the wonders of a glued wooden box. Only a few copies of this tape are still available.

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BANG Cassette

Jody Diamond

This very popular tape has come to be thought of as one of the most representative recordings of new American gamelan. Pieces include In That Bright World by Jody Diamond, Ghosts by Daniel Schmidt, and Woodstone by Ingram Marshall. Scores for all pieces are available through the Archives of the American Gamelan Institute.

Frog Peak Music AGI01, Cassette, price: $10.00 _________________________________________________________________ Scenes From Cavafy

Lou Harrison

Scenes from Cavafy is a large work for baritone and gamelan, performed here by Gamelan Si Betty, under the direction of Trish Neilsen. The fifteen pieces from the puppet opera Young Caesar are performed on a variety of Asian and original instruments, played by Harrison, William Colvig, and Richard Dee.

Frog Peak Music AGI03, Cassette, price: $10.00 _________________________________________________________________

Jim Horton Cassette Collection

Jim Horton

Frog Peak Music Hor01, Cassette, price: $25.00 _________________________________________________________________

Hub Music

The Hub

The first recording of The Hub, a Bay Area group of composer/performers who use a unique microcomputer network system of their own design. Each computer/ synthesizer player is connected to a central "hub" computer which passes messages between players. The result is a sort of cybernetic improvisation of man and machine.

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Rational Music For An Irrational World

Just Intonation Network

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Numbers Racket

Just Intonation Network

Frog Peak Music Jin02, Cassette, price: $10.00