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Welcome to Core Dump Records, a label dedicated to avant-garde, experimental, and outlandish electronic music that transcends scenes and genres. Because of our collective structure, all proceeds from Core Dump releases go directly to the artists.

Current Releases

Tim Walters: The Dry Well

Forthcoming Releases

David Kwan: The Weariness of Heads

Litterbox: Snakes & Ladders

David Kwan: The Weariness of Heads

The Weariness of Heads collects the soundtracks to some of David Kwan's insidious video and installation works, including Drowning Twice Three Times, Core, and The Weariness of Heads.

This release is an expansive exploration of sonic demographies and collaged ambience, transforming elements from the physical and electronic landscape into a haunting surrealistic tableau. Kwan uses as his musical palette field recordings, found sounds, shortwave broadcasts, old records and and tape loops, which he alchemizes by digital and other "mechanical" processes. The outcome is an evocative sonic collage with references to aural cultures both familiar and strange.

Litterbox: Snakes & Ladders

A bizarre yet fascinating interactive construction with 99 tracks on one CD linked to appropriate squares on the well-known Snakes & Ladders board game. Each track summons up childhood memories you didn't know you had. Perfect for solo slumber parties and dubious self-help retreats.

Sound samples: God Told Me To Eat Your Furniture