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AMK "hi-fi" 7" $3.99 one side free form grooves, the other 21 lock grooves. montage with flexis and turntable. Banned Productions (U.S.)

amk/amk2 "montage/collaboration" C60 $5.99 abuse and creative reuse of flexis and records by members of White Hand and Warlock Pinchers. Banned Production (U.S.)

AMK/gx "Two Modest Guys" C54 $5.99 compilation with blackhumour, Massimo Tonuitti, Big City Orchestra, Kapotte Muziek, AMK1, and nothing by AMK/gx. with booklet. Banned Productions (U.S.)

Caroliner Rainbow Gumkuppers / Commode Minstrels in Bullface 7" $3.99 twisted and destroyed songs. on a cardboard barn with different doors. P-tapes (U.S.) P5

Chemical Toybox "2U" 10" $6.99 the sound of manipulated time, alien voices, pigs running through traffic, and collapsing decompositions. Commercial Failure (U.S.) CFV10-1

Crawling With Tarts "AA Redbox Pahoehoe" C62 $5.99 live radio broadcast using wind instruments, primitive percussion, and loops. performed by S. Dycus, dAS, M. Gendreau, and Cliff Neighbors. ASP (U.S.) ASP 19

Crawling With Tarts "Greed Tool Hand in the Lee of Icebergs" C52 $5.99 music employing arctic exploration, parataxis, and temporal persistence. j-card packaged on quarter cotton paper and vellum. ASP (U.S.) ASP 18

Crawling With Tarts "Operas" LP $6.99 4 operas composed using 78 rpm record players and one-of-a-kind amatuer-cut disks made from 30's to 50's with additional instrumentation. ASP (U.S.) ASP 26

Crawling With Tarts "Voccianna" C42 $5.99 subtractive and elemental music packaged with folded paper and sticks. ASP (U.S.) ASP 11

Crawl Unit "Aftermusic" CD $6.99 a shifting tapestry of industrial drones. Povertech Industries (U.S.) PVRCD1

Crawl Unit "C.U./P.C./C.U./H.H. (collaborative)" C60 $5.99 collaborations with Pleasure Center and Hard Hearing. numbered edition of 100 with different photograph negative windows. Realization Recordings (U.S.) RZC-013

Crawl Unit "1993" 10" $4.99 nearly 30 minutes of ambient and electronic noise experiments. an edition of 300 in handmade sleeves. Povertech (U.S.)

Crawl Unit "Remains" 7" $2.99 soundtrack for portrait of V. Mayakovsky; study for damaged speaker; song for piano, microphones, loudspeaker and magnetic tape; and degenerative experiment. Povertech (U.S.) PVR 003

Terry Fox "Articulations (Labyrinth/Text Works)" book $11.99 overview of his work. 46 pages, 33 pictures. Goldie Paley Gallery / Levy Gallery for the Arts in Philadelphia (U.S.) The Moore International Discovery Series 1

The Haters "Predetermined by Accident" t-shirt $7.99 white on black XL shirt. Banned Production (U.S.)

The Haters "Urban Sensitivity" CD $9.99 a celebration of entropy through the use of grinding live mics and breaking glass. a more complex and full spectrumed Haters sound. Commercial Failure (U.S.) CFCD-3

G.X. Jupitter-Larsen "Raw Zed & The Condor" book $5.99 a novel which has in its course many words to do with perception of reality and wind. 153 pages. bloodprint press (U.S.) ISBN 0-9633227-0-2

G.X. Jupitter-Larsen "34 Essays" book $3.99 a collection of The Hater's writings from the past ten years. N D (U.S.)

G.X. Jupitter-Larsen / David Jackman [britain] "Dissolving Metal Zeros" 7" $3.99 a document of sanding metal elevator buttons. a blend of swirling ambience and grinding metal. Banned Production (U.S.)

Kinothek Percussion Ensemble "Industry!" CD $14.99 a walk through an imaginary factory: subtle, repetitive and dense soundscape of mechanical contraptions. Recommended No Man's Land (Germany) nml/D 873cd

K2 & The Haters "Smell of Shovels / Will for Junk Food" 7" $3.99 two collaborations: ominous pounding and stormy fuzz, both very noisy and hard. Kinky Music Institute / Banned Production (U.S.) VSPS-01 / BP-K2H [K2=Japanese doom industrial noise]

Mandible Chatter "Hair Hair Lock & Lore" CD $10.99 ominous and dark pieces of music showing musical ability. subtle textures of musical other worlds. Russell Records (U.S.)

Merzbow & The Haters C60 $5.99 the first teamup of the Japanese champion of noise and the purveyors of destroyed music in a small box. Banned Production (U.S.)

Robert Rich "Night Sky Replies" 3" CD $6.99 20 minutes of soft music. numbered and signed edition of 1000 in colorful folder package. Amplexus (Italy) XUS01

Z'ev "My Favorite Things" LP $5.99 resonant, rhythmic crashclang of titanium, stainless steel, plastics, aluminum live selections of free improvised percussion and short tape pieces. Subterranean Records (U.S.) SUB 33

"Auricular Monthly Audio Magazine #2" C60 $5.99 with Black Museum, Matt Chapel, Jim Juhn, Waste Inc., Foundation for Public Broadcasting, and Drew Dobbs & Rob Wortman. Auricular Records (U.S.) AUR 022

Bad Alchemy Nr 5 magazine & C45 $6.99 tracks by Rick Potts/Joseph Hammer, Motor Totemist Guild, S.B.O.T.H.I./.P16.D4, Biota, Proof of Utah, Deep Freeze Mice, Gunter Muller, Marina Lapalma[nc], Rimarimba, Lars Rudolph/Guy de Bievre, Mixed Band Philantropist, and Semantics. 50 page magazine in German. (Germany)

"From A to Z" CD $10.99 diverse collection of electroacoustic work by Tod Dockstader, Paul Dresher[nc], Joseph Kasinskas, Jospeh Lukasik, Pamela Z[nc], Charles Amirkhanian[nc], and Phillip Kent Bimstein. Starkland (U.S.) ST-203

"From the Pages of Experimental Instruments Volume VI" C60 $5.99 demonstrations of unique musical instruments by Phil Dadson and From Scratch, Tobias Kaye & Robert Squires, Jim Nollman & Whales,[nc] Tom Guralnick, Bob Fenger Icon, Richard Graham, automatic instruments from the collection of the Musical Museum, David Myers/Arcane Device, Bilking, Bart Hopkins[nc], Ed Stander, Tentatively,a Convenience, H. Barnard, Bil Sethares, and John Jordan. Experimental Musical Instruments (U.S.)

"From the Pages of Experimental Instruments Volume VII" C90 $5.99 demonstrations of unique musical instruments by Tuyo, Alistair Riddel, Q.R. Ghazala, Peter Whitehead,[nc] John Starrett, Wee Jimmy Scott, Richard Waters[nc], Bart Hopkin,[nc] Alec Bernstein, John Hajeski, Ferdinand F|rsch, Hal Rammel with John Corbell, Leif Brush, William Louis Soerensen, and The Maciunas Ensemble. Experimental Musical Instruments (U.S.)

"Radius #1" CD $9.99 transmissions from broadcast artists Sheila Davies, Helen Thorington, and Terry Allen. What Next? Recordings (U.S.) WN0013

"Radius #2" CD $9.99 transmissions from broadcast artists Jackie Apple, Donald Swearingen[nc], and Gregory Whitehead. What Next? Recordings (U.S.) WN0014

Monte Cazazza "Stairway to Hell" 7" $19.99 no. o179 of 2332. large sleeve with text. Sordide Sentimental (France) SS 45007

Monte Cazazza "To Mom On Mother's Day" 7" $19.99 Industrial Records (England) IR0005

Factrix Cazazza "California Babylon" LP $4.99 with inserts. Subterranean Records (U.S.) SUB 26

Robert Horton "Core Samples" C60 $3.99 The Subelectrick Institute (U.S.)

NON "Easy Listening for Iron Youth - The Best of NON" CD $7.99 cut-out. Mute Records Limited / Elektra Entertainment (U.S.) CD STUMM 69 / 61262-2

NON "Easy Listening for Iron Youth - The Best of NON" CD $15.99 original version, withdrawn and destroyed before release, features three tracks with Frank Tovey. Mute Records Limited (England) CD STUMM 69

Psyclones "Between Space" C46 $3.99 Ladd-Frith (U.S.)

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