Mon, 24 Apr 1995 22:22:59 alt.exotic-music Thread 18 of 21 Lines 265 INDUSTRIAL DJ LIST PT 2 No responses Merrimack College, No. Andover, MA, USA 697w

------------------------------------------- CALIFORNIA ------------------------------------------- Patrick Berry (Mr Orange) KCSC 95.5 Cable FM my show: Friday 5-7pm

Mail: CSUC KCSC c/o Mr Orange BMU 208 Chico, CA 95929 I don't play strickly industrial, cuz we have a wheel, but I try to fit it in where ever I can ------------------------------------------- DJ: Krista Show: Industrial Noise Control On: 90.3 FM KDVS, Davis, CA At: Wednesdays 6 to 8 p.m. Contact:Krista Fechner KDVS 90.3 FM 14 Lower Freeborn UCD Davis, CA 95616 Descrip:A digicore/aggro/industrial dance assault from the likes of Swamp Terrorists, 16 Volt, FLA, Numb, Hate Dept., Acumen, Non-Aggression Pact, and Steril.

-krista ------------------------------------------- DJ name: Bat

House Of Usher [Club] San Francisco Tuesday 9pm-3am

Contact: PO Box 150465 San Rafael, CA 94915-0465

Descrip: Spins from Cyber-Industrial to Darkwave - Gothic ------------------------------------------- Music Directors: Chanel Wheeler & John Maguire KZSU, Stanford CA KZSU PO Box 6509 Stanford, CA 94309 We have several industrial shows as well as lots of other DJs who play industrial tracks here and there. All music we receive is kept in our music library available to DJs present and future. We tend to play mostly independent releases leaning towards the more avant-garde side of things. Check out our charts at ------------------------------------------- Lucretia Death Guild Monday Nights @ The Trocadero 520 4th Street @ Bryant, San Francisco

Industrial/Gothic/Alternative/Whatever Strikes Our Fancy with an emphasis on hard electronic music Death Guild Info: 415.974.4396

Contact: Email or phone me if you need a snail mail address ------------------------------------------- Lucretia Bedlam Thursday Nights @ the French Quarter (formerly the Underground) 9th & Howard, San Francisco

gothicindustrialstuff with an emphasis on hard electronic music

Bedlam Info: 415.536.9424

Contact: Email or phone me if you need a snail mail address ------------------------------------------- DJ name - Damon Show name - SO WHAT! Location - 1190 Folsom street @8th S.F. Ca. Show Time -10pm to 4 am Every Saturday E-Mail Address - Industrial like NIN, Front 242, Skinny Puppy, Snog, X-marks the PedWalk, RevCo, with some alternative stuff thrown in ie: Nick Cave, Cramps, Sisters ect.... ------------------------------------------- $%*$%*$%*$%*$%*$%*$%*$%*$%*$%*$ $%**$ $%*$%*$%*$%*$%*$%*$%*$%*$%*$%*$

Monday's: Death Guild at the Trocadero, at 4th & Bryant The same crew that produced the Death Guild event at 9th & Howard (the old Underground)- mixed, but cool crowd- The last time I attended the DJ (Lucretia) played some really cool obscure stuff and Molly the Melting Girl (ex Temple, Teargarden, Vault) DJ's upstairs Tuesdays: Monastary at 1190 Folsom STreet (btw 7th & 8th) in SF 18 and Over DJ's Jackyl (formerly Temple,Teargarden,Vault, BAGG) 9:30 pm to 4am 2 rooms, lots of Artist exhibits, record release parties, etc. call 415-979-4455 for info / details re: special event Wed: Bondage A Go Go at the Trocadero 10pm-3 or 3:30am Mixed crowd (gay, straight, fetish, goth) with DJ's , Damon and ALex. Upstairs bondage performance art, Alex always plays really great, new and obscure industrial dance stuff mixed in with everyone's favorites Damon (King DJ of the crew I guess) has very good taste as well. Fri: Mystery City at the Trocadero 9:30 or 10pm -4am. DJ's Matt (of Boneyard and Raw Power) and Damon (see above and below) The musical mostly comparable to the events listed above, but some selections have a harder edge- more alternative rock a la CHili Peppers and the like Sat: So What! at 1190 Folsom (21 & over)-Cat's Alley 10-4am DJ Damon produces and DJ's with ALex The format is still Industrial/Goth/Darkwave-the crowd is also a bit older than the average Usher fan - but with a great sense of style. This is the favorite hangout for most of the SF Club Producers/DJ's and Musicians. Kitchen is open until 4am most nights, but sometimes stays open until 6am. Sat A Winter Gone By 435 Broadway DJ Lynx 18&over 10pm-2am $4 or $5 Mostly Goth- with a touch of Industrial -------------------------------------------