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"awkward y borracho core del todo"

Debut CD from this Bay Area artist features a bewildering array of sounds and styles, blending samples, orchestral sounds, noise, tribal percussion, hip-hop rhythms, techno elements, cynical lyrics, and strong guitar work. Hard to describe, but great fun to listen to. Released by Flying Esophagus, manufactured and distributed by Charnel Music. FEPCD-1, CD..................$12

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nada awkward y borracho core del todo

nada combines heavy beats, cynical lyrics and unearthly sounds with intricate percussion and intense guitar work to create a new listening experience.

'awkward y borracho core del todo', nada's premiere release, opens with eerie samples, deep kick drum and a noisy guitar crescendo in "apopolysp." The fast guitar and techno schizophrenia of "x/l/r flood o.d." then collapses into the mystical wanderings of "ignatio chloride the balding." "the revolutionary om" uses ambient soundscapes to slowly build into an explosive ending. The grinding guitars and scraping metal percussion of "idiot's planet" lead into the hallucinogenic crawl of "tsunami fungus." "excruciate" combines a thumping subsonic kick with extensive guitar work, while the sinuous bass and drum sounds of "string (premonition v)" blend together for a more Eastern flavor. "afraid" winds through tribal rhythms and crunchy guitars featuring a strange vocal melody which by the end sets the mood for "near." "zoviet-amerikka" closes the CD with a hip-hop and funk rampage that fades into a classical ode to the decay of the U.S.A.

"nada is the product of years of frustrated attempts to create a distinctive band in the San Jose Area," said Robert M. Riddle IV. After playing with Autumn Cathedral, Riddle formed Swivelfaust and Slur before the decision to start nada as a solo project. Riddle enlisted the talents of other musicians, including Scott Martinez (Autumn Cathedral), Damien Gonzalez (Swivelfaust, Slur) and Mason Jones (Trance). The album was recorded at House of Faith in Palo Alto by Bart Thurber and produced by nada and Mason Jones. "This is the most satisfying mix of electronic, experimental, psychedelic and rock music that I have been able to create so far."

Nada uses influences as diverse as tribal drumming, techno sampling, hip-hop rhythms, wailing guitar and experimental noise to come up with a rich audio tapestry that is reminiscent of music by Coil, The Legendary Pink Dots and Savage Republic that should appeal most listening tastes.

Flying Esophagus Productions: FEP-CD1 P.O. Box 390935 Mountain View, CA 94039-0935 USA

Format: compact disc only

Release date: May 20, 1993

For distribution information, call or fax Charnel House Productions: 415-255-8554

Contact nada at P.O. Box 610484 San Jose, CA 95161-0484

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Nada Awkward y Borracho core del todo [Flying Esophagus Productions, PO Box 390935, Mountain View, CA 94039-0935 or Charnel House] (CD, 60 min) For that late night drive to the local cemetary, here's dark scraping noise that tastes of Skinny Puppy and the like. Nada comes off at times as a slower, harsher version of alternative goth darlings NIN. Grating guitars, programs, and eerie floating sounds, this piece will suite people who like darker bleaker music. (MM)