concert program july 29 30 31 1994 copyright 1232w

Mobius Music Presents:


a collaborative out of mind experience Choreography: Carol LeMaitre Instruments/Sculpture and Set: Oliver DiCicco Music: Mobius Operandi- Oliver DiCicco, Miguel Frasconi, Peter Whitehead, and Pamela Winfrey Dancers: Dennis Criteser, Carol LeMaitre, Julie McKay, Sarah McLennan and Jeff Porter Direction and Lighting: Jim Cave Video: Lana Bernberg Sound Design: Alex Stahl Publicity: Kathy Brew Photography: Yoni Mayeri, Sven Wiederholt

scatterBRAIN pieces

Membrane Madness carol, jeff, sarah, julie

Open Your Mind? oliver, peter, pam, miguel

Synapse Misfire carol, dennis, sarah

Late Night With Jeff jeff, carol, julie, sarah

Indecision Springs Eternal peter, carol

Balance jeff, dennis, peter, sarah

Split My/ Slit My oliver, miguel

Passion vs. Intellect carol, dennis, jeff, sarah, julie

Garden Memory oliver, miguel, julie

Perception carol, dennis, jeff, sarah


Special thanks to: Jack, Carlos, Kathy and the rest of the SOMAR staff, Jo Dee Massanari, Victor Krummenacher, Yoni Mayari, Lisa Conrad, John Canaris (Dog Patch Labs), Meg Kaminski, Carol Snow, Joan Landsberg, Cryptic Corp., Patty Graves, Ruth Werner, Joe Cunningham, Jeff Hirano, Michael Light, and Gail Wight.

For further information about Mobius Productions call: 415- 285-7888.


Lana Bernberg graduated with a BFA in film in 1992. Her animated films have been shown at Artists' Television Access and S.F. Cinematheque. Lana worked as an apprentice animator on Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas and regularly collaborates on filmmaking and performance installations. Currently, she freelances on films doing grip and electric work.

Jim Cave has worked on all aspects of theater in the Bay Area for the past fifteen years. This is his second production with Mobius Music, having directed Eating Eden in 1993, for which he also served as lighting designer. He directed Lauren Elder's critically acclaimed environmental piece, Surrender, and is currently developing an opera -- A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil -- with composer Erling Wold, which will be presented at Intersection in February 1995. His most recent lighting designs include Trotsky and Frida for the Travelling Jewish Theater, Virtually Yours by Kate Bornstein, and Why We Have a Body, by Claire Chaffe. He designed Angels in America for the Eureka Theatre (for which he won a Bay Area Critics Circle award with co-designer Jack Carpenter). He frequently collaborates with musician and professional fool Greg Goodman at Woody Woodman's Finger Palace in Berkeley.

Dennis Criteser is a policy wonk manque. Having been passed over for Clinton's health advisory board, he decided to pursue a career in dance, appearing in last summer's hit Eating Eden and in a series of one-man shows at home for his wife and baby daughter. Dennis has emerged as one of the best counters in modern dance, due, no doubt, to his extensive music training which has been, heretofore, useless.

Oliver DiCicco is an award-winning sound engineer who owns and operates Mobius Recording Studios in S.F. In 1989 he began to create the instruments that have become the foundation for the improvisational group, Mobius Operandi. The members of Mobius Operandi began playing together in 1991 and the ensemble has performed frequently in the Bay Area, including performances at New Performance Gallery, The Exploratorium, Security Pacific Gallery, Morphos Gallery, and S.F.'s Making Waves Festival. In 1993, he designed the set and produced Eating Eden in collaboration with choreographer Carol LeMaitre at SOMAR Theater.

Miguel Frasconi is a composer/performer who has worked with John Cage, Jon Hassell and locally with Jon Weaver and Contraband. He was music director/composer for Lauren Elder's Surrender and has just returned from performing The Gates at Lincoln Center in NYC with the Paul Dresher Ensemble and the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company. He is currently working on Trespass Knot, an opera featuring John Duykers and director Melissa Weaver that will be presented at Theater Artaud next year. Throughout the summer he will be presenting workshops and performing at the Exploratorium's Interactive Sound Studio.

Carol LeMaitre has been a dancing professional since 1974. In 1982 she began working with The Residents as co-choreographer of their live shows. The shows have toured throughout the U.S., Europe, and the Far East with portions appearing on MTV and Night Music. Currently, Ms. LeMaitre choreographs and coaches various music and theater productions, including choreography for Big Bang Beat, Gender Front's Production of The Umbilical Thorn, Imo and Steven Rosenholtz's video Monkey Moves and Move Like the Animals. Her movement style is based on her studies of modern dance, ballet, Tai Chi, yoga and music. Ms. LeMaitre also teaches dance to seniors and is Associate Director of Blue Bear School of American Music. Last year, she collaborated with members of Mobius Operandi in Eating Eden.

Julie McKay went against the flow (Seattle to S.F.) three years ago to get her feet wet in theater. After performing in and stage-managing Eating Eden in 1993, Julie is very happy to be working with these scatterbrains again. She would like to dedicate her performance to Winterson and Ulysses.

Sarah McLennan has been a dancer/performer for 13 years, working mostly with music groups. She was co-choreographer for the Residents, working on The Mole Show, 13th Anniversary and Cube E: History of American Music. Sarah was pleased to be asked back to perform with Mobius Operandi after playing the "queen bitch" in last year's Eating Eden.

Jeff Porter has been performing in the Bay Area for the last eleven years. His work in performance and video has been shown at New Lanton Arts, New Performance gallery, and the S.F. art Institute. Since last year's Eating Eden, Jeff has been directing and choreographing children's musical productions throughout Northern California. He teaches as an artist-in-residence in the public schools with the Performing Arts Workshop. Jeff received his MFA from the S.F. Art Institute and has been a California Arts council grant recipient for the past five years.

Alex Stahl is a sound designer, media engineer, and musician with recent credits in film, CD, and multi-media performance. He has toured extensively with the Kronos Quartet, mixed soundtracks for Douglas Trumbull's simulator rides, and worked as chief engineer for Francis Ford Coppola. he is currently producing original music for City of Tribes, working on a Disney-Pixar animated feature, and developing BBT-ROM.

Peter Whitehead successfully avoided any musical education from an early age, but continued to play none-the-less, eventually discovering the world of homemade instruments and improvisational music. He continues to be fascinated by the magic and power of sound. The Hindus say that the universe was generated from a single sound... OM... Get rid of your television. Get rid of your computer. (Go to the Himalayas)...

Pamela Winfrey is a performance artist and singer whose pieces have been seen in such varied venues as New Dramatists in NY, Lilith Women's Theatre, Bay Area Playwrights' Festival, San Francisco City College, Headlands Center for the Arts, and the Cedar Rapids Children's Theater (Home of Playtime Poppy, Happy Little Ear of Corn). In addition, she is the Director of the Performing Programs at the Exploratorium and is almost finished with her MA in Interarts. In her spare time she's a new mom to Willa Winfrey Gibbs. She sends a special thanks to Scott for being such a good dad.

In memory of Henry Spoldi who taught me how to use my tools- O.D.