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Common Sense Composers' Collective Common Sense is a SF/NYC based collective of eight young emerging composers. Although well 'pedigreed,' completing music programs at Yale, Harvard, and Columbia, we have emerged from our schooling dissatisfied and restless. The impetus for the group's creation can best be described by the slogan, coined by a West Coast radio station, "if you don't like the news, go make some of our own." This catch-phrase, along with the name Common Sense, helps to define, as much as is possible the spirit of our group.

Now in our fourth year, our group has been exploring alternative ways of conceiving and completing new works. Each year the eight composers of Common Sense seek out and collaborate with a different performing group. Our initial project was the creation of, and collaboration with, an eleven-member ensemble. In December 1993 the 19 musicians began meeting periodically for workshop sessions. In June 1994 we presented the world premieres of eight new compositions. While two concerts were planned, both sold out, necessitating the addition of an additional performance in New York City. A CD of the resulting pieces will soon be released by CRI on their acclaimed Emergency Music series.

Our second project was a collaboration with a San Francisco Bay Area group, the Alternate Currents Performing Ensemble. In June, 1995 we premiered a set of new works in San Francisco, California. Our third project was a collaboration with the acclaimed Bay Area period instrument ensemble American Baroque. The set of eight premieres took place in April, 1996 in San Francisco.

Currently we are beginning our fourth collaboration, this time with the innovative NYC duo Twisted Tutu. The resulting works will be premiered in NYC in June, 1996. In addition to our compositional projects, we have extended our philosophy of collaboration and bridge-building to the creation of OPUS 415, a seven-hour Bay Area New Music Marathon. Presented in San Francisco in November of each year, this event showcases the diverse voices of Bay Area composers and performers.

The members of Common Sense are convinced that both the the high quality and success of our projects are due in great part to the experience of group work and collaboration. We experimented with, and daresay improved upon, the processes in which most new concert works are midwifed. Indeed, the joyous and celebratory atmosphere which has accompanied each project is the inevitable result of this working process.

* Upcoming: Opus 415 No. 2

The Common Sense Composers' Collective Presents OPUS 415 No. 2 Bay Area New Music Marathon Sunday, November 17, 1996 3 PM - 10 PM at The ODC Performance Gallery 3153 Seventeenth St. San Francisco, CA All Day Pass $10.00

The Common Sense Composers' Collective presents OPUS415 No.2, the 2nd Annual Bay Area New Music Marathon.

OPUS415 No.2 features over 25 Bay Area composers, including Belinda Reynolds, Pauline Oliveros, David Jaffe, Randy Porter, Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, Alvin Curran, Victoria Jordanova, and Brenda Hutchinson, in a diverse mix of works that bridge the gap between the streets and the university. The marathon's seven hours of music ranges from unconstrained improvisation to elaborately notated scores, and represents both emerging and established artists.

Come hear such dynamic performers as Pamela Z, Sarah Cahill, American Baroque, Tom Nunn, Ward Spangler, Tom Heasley, Pacific Sticks, Dave Slesser, Dan Plonsey, The City Winds, and Circular Firing Squad, performing on instruments ranging from solo Mandolin to multiple computers.

The casual environment of the ODC Performance Gallery makes it possible for listeners to mingle with performers and composers. The low price of $10.00 allows audience members to come and go as they please or stay all day. Refreshments, including Beer and Wine, will be on sale throughout the afternoon and evening.

Critical response to Opus 415 No. 1

"Common Sense managed to pull together a festival comparable to New York's "Bang on a Can" Marathon, and managed to do it gracefully... The Marathon was a success from virtually every standpoint." Leigh Vanhandel, 20th Century Music

"I came away from the concert marveling at the logistics of the event... The programming was excellent, the stylistic range impressive." David Meckler, Paris New Music Review With last year's premiere marathon OPUS415, we extended our philosophy of collaboration and bridge-building to the creation of an event that showcased the diverse voices of Bay Area Composers. Common Sense was able to bring listeners and composer s from different schools and backgrounds together in a casual yet intense environment of music making. We present OPUS415 No.2 with the continued hope of fostering new ideas, generating new connections, and building new bridges.

OPUS 415 No.2 Contributing Composers (Confirmed as of 10/13...) * Herb Bielewa * Thornhill Elementary School Improvisational Ensemble * Alvin Curran * Belinda Reynolds * Brenda Hutchinson * Eitan Steinberg * Bill Susman * David Jaffe * Michael Edwards * Circular Firing Squad * Randy Porter * Victoria Jordanova * David Dieni * Dan Plonsey * Marc Alburger * Pamela Z * Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez * Amy X Neuberg * Dan Becker * Pauline Oliveros * Mr. Meridies * Brett Terry * Steven Clark * Katie Wreede

For more information on the composers, or for a complete up-to-date expanded listing please contact Dan Becker at 415/285-8680.