San Francisco Bay Guardian. December 29, 1993. Last Words on last year. The year of Yerba and other adventures in the Bay Area Art Scene. by Harry Roche. excerpt copyright 170w

....the cold was accompanied by one of the biggest downpours of the rainy season neither of which boded well for the "Omnicircus" performance by Frank Garvey and Theatre Concrete. Garvey's "industrial opera" was set to crank into gear at 7pm sharp. At 6:45, there were still only a handful of people milling about SOMAR Gallery's cavernous loft. Just as friends were contemplating steering Garvey clear of sharp objects, hundreds of people started pouring in en masse. Moments later, it was social surrealism in the round: strapped in a high-chair, Nao Bustamente mumbled, drooled, and spat up cling peaches; a snake-oil faith healer (Brother Bilge) ranted, while a Boschian chorus of sirens, sackpeople, and naked Butoh dancers slithered amid the motley chain gang marching around in circles droning "I love my job" to the melody of "Ring Around The Rosy".