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High Tides Festival of New Music March 2-5, 1994 Intersection For the Arts


March 2, 1994 Brenda Hutchinson

Long Tube Trio (1994) Violet Flame (Part 1) (1993) Voices of Reason (excerpts) (1991) You Want to Hear a Song Interlude Tell Me a Story The Giant Music Box EEEYAH! (1989)


March 3, 1994 Janis Mercer

Air (1988) Kinderscenen (1989) Requiem for Public Catharsis (working title in progress) (1993-) poetry by k.o.kanne Introit: his whole body a garden now Dies Irae: no peace here Tract: Leavetakis


Houses for Violin and Tape (1988) Letters (1987) Firsts (1992)


March 5, 1994 Bob Davis

BANJO (world premier)

Music and text - Bob Davis Directed by Jayne Wenger Some bows and banjos built by Mark Turner

*Twangin' Dixie *Bow (The) *War Songs *I Own the Whole Town *The Auction *The Pissy Little Bugger of Fate or Hamlet *Hi-Fi On The Box *Rag Pickings *Greetings From Hawaii *Foggy Mountain Breakdown *Dream Bango Lullaby


Definitely Not a Band

Wahayle (for Tipi)


Habanera Luna


Son of the Fang


March 6, 1994 Scot Gresham-Lancaster

Machine Without Meat (1989) 5tone for Slonimsky (1993) Listener's Digest (1991) Title 21 (1974) VEX (1993)


Chaos Theories (1990) Dijeree Don't (1988) Sand Monley (1992) Flaming Teeth Hair (1992)