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Intersection for the Arts Presents Dog Day Nights: The High Summer Benefit.

Face the heat with Intersection's ever faithful breed of cool. Three Evenings of New Art Curated by Erling Wold, Joe Goode, Jayne Wenger. August 17, 18, & 19, 1995.

An Evening of New Music. Curated by Erling Wold.

"Three Things" Brian Reinbolt.

"Three Studies for Pedal Steel: Sample Bash Rag, Stedal Peel, Pedal Stolen" Thom Blum.

"Solo" Beth Custer.

"The Web of Fascination" John Bischoff.

Erling Wold with Laurie Amat: "Song of Songs" - setting for piano and voice of a passage from the book of the Bible of the same name. "Center Mother and Boss Puss" - based on a somewhat unclear but unsettling poem by Antonin Artaud. "Sub Pontio Pilato" - libretto by James Bisso.

Erling Wold is a prolific composer who has worked in a number of musical and theatrical media as well as a variety of musical styles. He studied with Gerard Grisey, Andrew Imbrie, John Chowning and Robert Gross. Most recently, his chamber opera, "The Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil", was presented at Intersection for the Arts to wide critical acclaim. He composed the soundtracks for independent filmmaker John Jost's "Sure Fire" and "The Bed You Sleep In". He was included in the first magazine/CD issue of the "Leonardo Music Journal" and has published numerous artistic and technical articles. He holds a doctorate from University of California, Berkeley and was a researcher in signal processing and music synthesis at Yamaha Music Technologies before founding Muscle Fish, an audio and music software consulting partnership.

Laurie Amat is a vocalist and performer known for her aggressive and eclectic use of the human voice in composed and improvised settings. She is currently working on the Prague production of "The Resident's Freak Show". She recently appeared in Erling Wold's chamber opera "The Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil".

John Bischoff"s "The Web of Fascination" is a live piece for computer-controlled electronics that features multiple sonic textures moving in tandem while the composer cues forward motion and adds local detail. Bischoff is known for his engaging solo electronic work and his pioneering role in the field of computer network music. He has been an artist-in-residence at STEIM in Amsterdam and at Mills College, Oakland, where he now teaches and is on staff at the Center for Contemporary Music.

Thom Blum's "Three Songs for Pedal Steel" are derived from typical Country & Western songs. These pieces consist entirely or recordings of pedal steel guitar which are heavily processed using a variety of computer-based tools for signal manipulation. Blum studied composition with James Tenney and Ingram Marshall at California Institute of the Arts, classical guitar with John McCormick, and has a BA in Computer Applications to Music Synthesis from Ohio State University. Concentrating primarily on electroacoustic composition, he is currently constructing musical settings for the poetry of the late Bob Kaufman and continues work on a series of "audio postcards" based on personal recordings from his travels around the world and the U.S.

Beth Custer is a composer who performs and teaches clarinet. She is a member of Club Foot Orchestra, an internationally acclaimed ensemble known for performing live, original soundtracks to silent films. She is also a member of Trance Mission and the founder of Clarinet Thing, a quintet of composers/clarinetists. She has composed music for film working with Peter McCandless, Esther Paik and Lisa Austin; for theatre working with California Shakespeare Company, Dude Theater and Spoonman Puppet Theater; and for dance working with the Joe Goode Performance Group, Ossieus Labyrinth, Nao Bustamente, Knee Jerk Dance Company and Trance Dance Action.

Brian Reinbolt is a composer, performer, and computer geek who will play keyboards on "Three Things", a composition produced by rounding up the usual algorithmic suspects.

Jim Cave is a theater director and lighting designer, who most recently directed Erling Wold's chamber opera, "A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil", to wide critical acclaim. Currently he is directing Mobius Music and Deborah Slater's new dance/performance that will premiere this fall at Theatre Artaud.

Greg Goodman is closely identified with Woody Woodman of Woody Woodman's Finger Palace, Berkeley - to a mysterious degree.