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Theatre Guild of San Francisco presents NEW MUSIC THEATRE.

October 24. 8:30PM

San Francisco Tape Music Center Retrospective 1963-66

Tony Martin, Pauline Oliveros, Ramon Sender, Morton Subotnick.

November 14,15. 8:30 PM, Music Theatre works by

Charles Amirkhanian, Margaret Fisher, Rene Claire, Erik Satie, Mauricio Kagel.

New Music Theatre is an new performance series at the Victoria Theatre presenting Interdisciplinary and music theatre works by Bay Area composers and artists. New Music Theatre will explore the Interaction between music and other art forms and the application of recent music, theatre, and media technology.

Executive Director - Robert Correa, Music Director - Randall Packer. Victoria Theatre. 2961 16th St, BART, San Francisco 863-7576. tickets $8-10. Victoria Theatre Box Office, BASS.


[mailer 1989]

New Music Theatre CAGEfest.

A program of music theatre, electronic and multi-media works.

John Cage with the composer in person.


with guest artists: Judith Bettina, Chris Brown, Gordon Mumma, Ramon Sender, William Winant,

Saturday, September 16, 1989, 8:30pm.

Cowell Theater, Fort Mason, San Francisco. tickets: $10/$5 students and seniors. Information: (415) 474-1045.


[mailer 1990 excerpts]

New Music Theater: Life on the Water, Bldg. B, Fort Mason, San Francisco

New Music Theatre and Life on the Water celebrate a three day opening for the Deep Listening new music series...

Thursday, October 11: AN EVENING WITH BRIAN ENO hosted by Pamela Z. the Deep Listening series opens with composer, songwriter, and producer Brian Eno for a discussion on his music and intermedia works.

Friday, October 12, DEEP LISTENING BENEFIT Join us for the Deep Listening benefit and post-benefit party, celebrating the opening of the Deep Listening series at Life on the Water. Deep Listening Band members Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, and Panaiotis, will be joined by guest artists Charles Amirkhanian, Laurie Amat, Bill Douglass, George Marsh, Pamela Z., and many more, in a program of performance works and improvisation. ($15 general)

Saturday, October 13; DEEP LISTENING BAND The Deep Listening Band, along with guest artist George Marsh, will give a full evening performance of improvisation and electronic sound processing. Deep Listening members Pauline Oliveros and Stuart Dempster were acclaimed internationally in the late 1960s for their pioneering work in improvisation, electronic music, and extended performance techniques.

The Deep Listening Band envelopes the audience in spectacular sound throughout the entire space in a 90 minute Sonic Meditation. The quartet creates the illusion of many musicians and many sounds coming from numerous different sources, both distant and near, sometimes floating above the audience like a cloud. ($12/$11 students)

DEEP LISTENING at Life on the Water... the Deep Listening series then continues on Sunday nights with new music and intermedia performance, and Life on the Water's recently installed state-of-the-art sound system. All performances are at 8:30 pm.

Sunday, December 2, RICHARD FELCIANO 60TH BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE The music of Richard Felciano will be celebrated with a program of works that span nearly three decades of the composer's musical life in the Bay Area. Felciano, who worked at the San Francisco Tape Music Center during the 60s, was one of the early pioneers of electronic music in this area and has recently founded CNMAT, the new computer music center at UC Berkeley. The tribute will bring together noted new music performers including conductor Jean-Louis LeRoux, the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, and Phillip Brett and the University of California Chorus. ($12/$11 students)

Sunday, February 3, JIN HI KIM, DAVID WESSEL, JOSEPH CELLI Jin Hi Kim, and David Wessel will perform new works and improvisation in a collaborative program combining Kim's traditional Korean instrument, the Komungo, and David Wessel's interactive computer music.

Miami composer and double reed virtuoso Joseph Celli comes to Life on the Water to perform new works for live instruments and multi-image video. ($12/$11 student)

Sunday, April 28, Z CONCERT: PAMELA Z, RICHARD ZVONAR Composer/vocalist Pamela Z, and intermedia artist and composer Richard Zvonar perform new multi-disciplinary works for voice and live computer processing. Pamela Z and Richard Zvonar, who both recently performed in New Music Theatre's production of Karlheinz Stockhausen's Originale, will explore new sonic territory with live sampling, digital delay, and real-time computer interaction. ($12/$11 students).

Last year all New Music Theatre events were sold-out!


[mailer 1991]

New Music Theatre together with Theater Artaud present

Arche(s) A Music Theatre Work.

Journey through a labyrinthine mediascape--- Return to the mystery of the human mind. . .

Composed and Directed by Randall Packer;

Performed by Judith Bettina, Soprano; and Deborah Slater, Performance Artist in collaboration with: Alessandro Moruzzi, Stage Design; Larry Neff, Lighting Design; Sigi Torinus, Media Artist; Richard Zvonar, Sound Artist.

Theater Artaud, July 11,12,13,14, 1991. 8:30PM Order tickets through Theater Artaud Box Office: (415)621-7797.

New Music Theatre is supported by: The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, The Zellerbach family Fund, The Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation, and Friends of New Music Theatre. New Music Theatre's manufacturer partners include: Yamaha Corporation of America, Opcode Systems Inc., Pioneer Communications, Monster Cables, and Apple Computers.


[mailer 1992 excerpts]

NEW MUSIC THEATER. Zakros InterArts Lab. 2565 3rd St., Studio #322 Summer Calendar.

opening of the Zakros InterArts Lab.

Interactive Party and Performance Benefit. A high-tech multimedia installation of sound, visuals, and performance with fun, food and drinks. Friday, July 10 8:30pm. $10 donation at the door, call 415-474-1045 for info.



New Music Theatre sill present the first performances of THE EDGE OF THE CIRCLE at Theater Artaud in San Francisco, October 12-18, as part of SymMedia '92. Written and directed by Randall Packer and Belen Garcia Alvarado, THE EDGE OF THE CIRCLE is a music/visual work based on the Columbus saga, probing the destructive forces of heroes and leaders.


[mailer spring 1993 excerpts]

New Music Theatre along with Media Tree present

Dream Encoding with Pamela Z

featuring the FAST Video Machine. Apple Expo West, Brooks Hall-Civic Auditorium, San Francisco. April 23,24, 25 (11:15am, 1:15pm, 3:15pm daily).

New Music Theatre's Dream Encoding, a new work created for Apple Expo West, features San Francisco singer/performance artist Pamela Z. In Dream Encoding, Pamela Z wears the BodySynth controller, triggering a virtual display of video effects and electronic music with movement and vocal gestures. The performance showcases the new Video Machine from FAST Electronics, along with Macromedia's Macromind Director, and Opcode's MAX.


[mailer 1993 excerpts]

Life on the Water, Cobra Lounge Melt-O-Media, New Music Theatre, presents 2 weekends of new media performance.

Cobra Lounge SpoonFest/BetaTest.

Friday March 12 & Saturday March 13/8:30p.m. An Electronic Vaudeville & Celebration of Public Magic featuring the talents of

Mark "Spoonman" Petrakis, Cintra Wilson/Cobra Woman, Richard Marriott/Clubfoot Quartet, Stephen Kent/Digeridoo, Wayne Doba/ Body-Synth Tap-Dance, Ed Tannenbaum/Pons Maar/Media/Movement, Chico McMurtrie/Robotics, Brenda Laurel/Impersonations, Howard Rheingold/Body Double, pARTy/SCIENCE/Event Design, and special guest Dana Atchley/Video Storyteller.

New Music Theatre presents Zero-in-Time

Friday, March 19/8:30p.m. Bob Ostertag and Donald Swearingen perform digitally sampled music compositions ranging from political theater to multi-layered sound environments.

Saturday, March 20/8:30p.m. Alvin Curran and Chris Brown perform works for solo piano and interactive electronics on the Yamaha MIDI Grand.

LIFE ON THE WATER. Fort Mason Center, Building B, San Francisco Tickets $15. Information/Reservations 415.776. 8999.


[mailer fall 1993 excerpts]

New Music Theatre, now in its fifth year, creates and presents new music, music theatre, and multimedia performance in San Francisco. Led by Artistic Director Randall Packer and a team of recognized interdisciplinary artists, New Music Theatre is committed to live performance which integrates music, theater, visual arts, literature, electronic arts, and dance. This exploration has led to the creation of multi-dimensional stage, visual and sound designs which bring about new relationships between the audience, the performer, and the electronic media.

New Music Theatre presents: The 2nd Annual John Cage Memorial Concert. Saturday, September 4, 1993, 2:00-6:00pm. Fort Mason Conference Center, Bldg. A. San Francisco.

The John Cage Memorial Concert, presented by New Music Theatre, celebrates the music and spirit of one of America's greatest composers. This year's event is a 4-hour performance marathon and walk-through installation featuring over 50 Bay Area musicians, performers, and video artists. This multimedia collage will embrace the wide range of John Cage's prolific art, including music, performance, and text, as well as visual and electronic media works. Tickets $3 at the door.

Art and Technology Forum. Monday Evening Demonstration/Workshops with visiting artists and engineers.

The Body Synth Chris Van Raalte and Ed Severinghaus. The BodySynth, created by dancer Chris Van Raalte and engineer Ed Severinghaus, is an experimental, break-through technology that translates body movement into electronic sounds and interactive media. Used by such major artists as Laurie Anderson, this "virtual instrument" transforms the human body into a musical instrument. $20. Monday Sept. 20. 7-9pm.

Performer as Technology Michael Peppe.

The human body is still the most sophisticated processor of information. San Francisco performance artist Michael Peppe will perform excerpts from his Behaviormusik, and discuss his work, which treats the human body as an instrument of technology. Peppe has developed a unique musical/movement language: he is a composer who scores for his own body, creating a collage of sound, video, text, and live performance. $20 Monday, Sept 27 7-9pm

The Macintosh Recording Studio Sig Knapstad.

Composer and electronic musician Sig Knapstad will discuss the Digidesign audio environment, which has revolutionized CD-quality recording for the Macintosh. From editing QuickTime soundtracks to incorporating high-end sound for music composition and interactive media, Knapstad will demonstrate DigiDesign's latest tools, such as the Sample Cell II digital sampler, the ProTools multi-channel digital audio system, and Sound Designer II editing software. $20, Mon. Oct 4, 7-9pm

Digital Video and the Interactive Movement Artist Ed Tannenbaum.

Bay Area video artist Ed Tannenbaum will demonstrate his groundbreaking interactive video techniques capturing live dancers and movement artists in the digital video medium. Tannenbaum's pioneering work in real-time video processing, spanning over ten years of development, utilizes a range of technologies including the Fairlight video synthesizer, the Truevision video card for the PC, and the New Tek Video Toaster. $20, Monday Oct 11 7-9pm

Music and Macromind Director Randall Packer.

Randall Packer will discuss Macromind Director's multi-faceted music and sound capabilities, with a special emphasis on integrating animation and graphics with MIDI electronic instruments. This workshop is designed to provide an introduction to Director's built-in sound features, and to expand the experienced user's ability to create a more sophisticated music for multimedia authoring. $20 Mon Oct 18 7-9pm.

Interactive Live Performance and MAX Randall Packer.

Randall Packer will demonstrate different techniques for integrating live performance and interactive multimedia with Opcode System's revolutionary MAX software. Packer has designed real-time interactive systems for New Music Theatre's multimedia productions which incorporate a variety of MIDI controllers for singers, actors, and dancers to trigger electronic music instruments, laserdisk video, and animation live on stage. $20 Mon Oct 25 7-9pm

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