from the John Jay Cloidt collection 548w



1. Epidemic Marina LaPalma and Harry Gilbert 2. Flashlight Jay Cloidt and Marina LaPalma 3. RiDi RiDi Marina LaPalma and Jay Cloidt 4. In the City Jay Cloidt, Marina LaPalma and Laura Turner (backup vocals: Laura Turner and Laetitia DeCompiegne) 5. COLETTE Marina LaPalma 6. Message Jay Cloidt 7. TANGO Marina LaPalma and IXNA 8. Walk With It Marina LaPalma and IXNA (originally with Brent Wilcox) With tape solo, via US Mail by K. Atchley. 9. FUN FUN FUN Jay Cloidt and Marina LaPalma 10. FACES Marina LaPalma and IXNA 11. Somebody Said Jay Cloidt and Marina LaPalma

IXNA: Paul Flowerman, guitar; Gene Reffkin, Simmons drums; Mark Trayle, guitar and electronics; Jay Cloidt, keyboard and tape; Sarah Willner, bass and viola; Marina LaPalma, vocals; William Winant, percussion; Harry Gilbert, cello.

Mixage: Roxanne Merryfield and Bob Lyons. Projection: Jan Hawley. Visuals: Marina LaPalma for FACES and Walk With It. Jay Cloidt for Message.

All songs, Catholic Ears Music, BMI, (unless otherwise noted). Thanks to: Kim Searcy and New Langton Arts, Paul Dresher, Eedo Beedo Studios, Barbara Golden, Cynthia Duval, Sarah Willner, and Phil Harmonic.

This program is made possible in part by grants from the Music Program of the National Endowment for the Arts and MEET THE COMPOSER/CALIFORNIA (with funds provided by the California Arts Council, Atlantic Richfield Corp., Betty Freeman and MEET THE COMPOSER, INC., through the support of the National Endowment for the Arts, AT&T, Avon Products, Bristol Myers Co., ASCAP, BMI, Ford Foundation, Fromm Music Foundation, Grace Foundation, Metropolitan Life, C. Michael Paul Foundation, NL Industries, Helena Rubenstein and Warner Communications.

New Langton Arts San Francisco November 15 1986 8 PM K. ATCHLEY "LISTEN CLOSE"

"Light of Hand (Lumiere de Main)" Textual evocation of character. Acoustic electronic creation of a "new" voice for the character. Vocals and concentration: LAETITIA DE COMPIEGNE, BARBARA GOLDEN, MELODY SUMNER, JEAN MONCRIEFF. Computer: BRIAN REINBOLT.

"Cabinet (Enclosed Spaces)" From the opera "Edison's Last Projection". Dialogue and interpretation in an experimental laboratory setting. vocals and characterizations: Question: Phil Harmonic Answerer: K. Atchley Assistant: TBA

"Wasserglocken mit 'Electronics" A "location" evoked through electronic storage/display of acoustic space and melodic/harmonic representation of psychic space.

"Marconi-The Last Seven Words" This work concerns attempts made by GUGLIEMO MARCONI to receive (retrieve) the last words of CHRIST on the cross via technological means. Analog and digital electronics are incorporated to effect the solo vocalist's perception of his own voice thereby altering the vocalizations. The orchestration includes computer generated MORSE code signals, processed AM radio signals, and synthesizer. This is the American English language section of a seven-part work.

Computer: Mary Oliver, Vocals: K. Atchley. Technical assistance and mixing: Jay Cloidt and Mark Trayle.

This program is made possible in part through grants from the Music Program of the National Endowment for the Arts and from MEET THE COMPOSER/California, an affiliate of MEET THE COMPOSER, Inc. , with support from the National Endowment for the Arts, AT&T Foundation, BMI, CBS, Dayton Hudson Corporation, the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S., Fromm Music Foundation, the Josephine Bay Paul and C. Michael Paul Foundation and Helena Rubenstein Foundation.