supplied by John Bischoff: CCM studios coordinator 340w


Thursday / February 6 / 7:30 PM / Bill Thibault "A MIDI Saxophone Controller" Bill Thibault demonstrates and discusses software he is developing with Gabriel Stern for control of multiple MIDI devices using a custom "saxophone-like" wind controller. The instrument features a mouse-driven user interface, value maps, trills, chords, and an "automatic" accompaniment system. Thibault is currently on leave from Cal State Hayward where he teaches computer science.

Thursday / February 20 / 7:30 PM / Erling Wold "Musical Moments & Compositional Practices" Erling Wold discusses his use of rational microtonality, irrational rhythms, harmonic simplicity, mathematical algorithms and the fundamental mysteries of music. The talk will be illustrated with live and taped performances, and examples of Mr. Wold's work with dance and film.

Thursday / February 27 / 7:30 PM / Rich Gold "Electronic Toys and their KCI (Kid-Computer-Interfaces)" Rich Gold will present examples of toys such as the PowerGlove, Captain Power, the Electronic Wheel of Fortune and Baby Heather that he helped develop while a researcher at Mattel Toys. Such toys provide a very different paradigm than the prevailing Desktop Metaphor for interacting with computers. Mr. Gold is currently a Researcher at Xerox Parc.

Wednesday / March 4 / 7:30 PM / Scot Gresham-Lancaster and MarkTrayle "Composers-in-Residence" A mini-concert of works developed at Mills by two Composers-in-Residence at CCM this academic year. Gresham-Lancaster performs pieces with The Hub, a computer network band, using Opcode's "Studio V" which enables all participants to influence each other electronically during the performance. Mark Trayle premieres a new work for solo bugle and electronic ensemble called "Il Messagero" which features interactive ornamentation and live score generation.

Thursday / April 2 / 7:30 PM / The DSP Project A Lecture/Concert Members of the Mills Digital Signal Processing community will describe and demonstrate the latest results of their experiments in 56000 based real-time software synthesis. Topics include: vocoders, intonation, and granular synthesis. Participants include Phil Burk, Jeanne Parsons, Robert Marsanyi, and others.

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