supplied by John Bischoff: CCM studios coordinator 296w


Thursday / November 7 / 7:30 PM / David Doty "Seminar on Just Intonation" The composer will present excerpts from a seminar on Just Intonation which he is currently developing with support from the California Arts Council and the Just Intonation Network. Doty is a leading experimenter and theorist in the area of just tuning systems and is the editor of the journal "1/1".

Thursday / November 14 / 7:30 PM / Stan Lunetta "Moosack Machines" An early innovator in electronic music instrument building demonstrates how his life has been made easier by MIDI. Lunetta makes a rare visit from Sacramento to play some of his recent pieces for Macintosh and Yamaha FB-01 synthesizer. He also promises to bring along a few vintage, home-built electronic surprises.

Tuesday / November 19 / 7:30 PM / K. Atchley "ACT IV RIVER (Continuity) from EDISON'S LAST PROJECT(ION)" A performance/discussion of Act IV of Atchley's opera which conjures a dream of Thomas Edison viewing an incongruous laboratory scene in which he sees himself as an older man eliciting sounds from a carved stone. The performance will include Carla Fabrizio on electronically-processed cello, live video, and the composer as Edison.

Thursday / December 5 / 7:30 PM / Brenda Hutchinson "New Instruments/Pieces" Hutchinson's work as a sound artist has included performances and compositions for dance, opera,film, video and radio. Her composition "Delicate Lights" will be performed on Tuesday, December 3 by the Mills Contemporary Performance Ensemble. For this event she will perform and discuss two recent pieces "EEEYAH" and "Norris"; the latter piece uses her instrument called the Giant Music Box, which the audience will also be able to play.

Mills College Music Department 5000 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland, CA 94613